11 Of The World’s Best Pool Player Hustlers

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There are many amazing pool players out there that were good at the game and hustlers. So many that it is hard to know all of them, but there are some that stand out amongst the rest.

These players were some of the best hustlers during their time. Some well-known like Rudolf Wanderone or even those that may not be as famous like Allison Fisher. Here are the world’s best pool player hustlers.

11 Of The Worlds Best Pool Player Hustlers

You can find so many different players that make the top 11 players in the world, but these are the ones you will find on many lists. The 11 of the world’s best pool player hustlers are as follows:

  • Rudolf Walter Wanderone
  • Johnny Archer
  • Allison Fisher
  • Larry Lisciotti
  • Billy Joe Burge
  • Ralph Greenleaf
  • Alvin Clarence Thomas
  • Cowboy Jimmy Moore
  • Willie Mosconi
  • Efren Reyes
  • Keith McCready

There are many more that deserve recognition but that list could go on for days!

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Rudolf Walter Wanderone

Rudolf Walter Wanderone, better known as either Minnesota Fats or New York Fats, never won a major tournament, but he was well-known across the United States. Everyone knew who he was.

He was well known not only for his skills in billiards but also as an entertainer. You can see this when he promoted his rivalry with Willie Mosconi, presenting pool as a tough gambling game.

Johnny Archer

A more recent famous pool hustler, Johnny Archer, came from Georgia. He was considered the world’s best 9-ball player.

He has won many nationally and international championships and was named the Billiards Digest Player of the Decade in the 1990s. He ended his career with over 60 tournament wins.

Allison Fisher

Allison Fisher dominated billiards in Britain and internationally. Her sister, Kelly Fisher, and she were well known for her skill as great pool players.

During the ten seasons she played, she won 7 of the championships. She even won the WPA Women’s Nine-Ball Championship. She was one woman someone should underestimate!

Larry Lisciotti

Larry Lisciotti, or “Prince of Pool,” was a successful hustler before he even graduated high school. He traveled around the United States searching for anywhere to play pool and make money.

Many know him because of the dangers he faced while traveling around. He even faced a gunman during one of his games!

Billy Joe Burge

Billy Joe Burge emerged as a pool player during the Great Depression and was known as by the hustler name, “Cornbread Red.” He was able to support himself through pool.

He was inducted twice in One Pocket Hall of Fame for his accomplishments in the world of pool. He won 2nd place in the One Pocket Tournament Championships losing to Ed Kelly both times.

Ralph Greenleaf

Another North American pool player, he was one of the best pool hustlers during his time, beating even the well-known player, Willie Mosconi. He won 20 championships within a twenty year span!

His life is a little bit of mystery around him, since he was born in the 1800s. There isn’t a lot of information about him except for his wins in the world of billiards.

Alvin Clarence Thomas

Mostly known as Titanic Thompson, everyone knew him in the gambling world, not only for pool but for cards dice, shooting and more! He got the name because he lost a $500 game around the same time the Titanic sunk.

After this loss, his luck turned for the better and started to win competitions. He had extraordinary eyesight and hand-eye coordination!

Cowboy Jimmy Moore

An American pool hustler, he was known for his diverse form of stroke that was new to the billiards world. He would release his grip right before hitting the cue ball. 

Moore was a great player but didn’t know how to hustle, but was later mentored by one of the greatest hustlers of that time, St. Laurent. Moore had his losses but always ended with redemption.

Willie Mosconi

One of the top pool hustlers is Willie Misconi and was called Mr. Pocket Billiards because of his skill. He was an American pool hustler and won many competitions. He won 19 championships!

He had a World Record of longest streak of pocketing balls, a streak of 526 balls in a row. This record remained until 2019!

Efren Reyes

Efren Reyes, a filipino superstar, was nicknamed “The Magician.” He won over 100 international titles and dominated the billiards world for decades.

He took one of the largest single match wins of $100,000 in 1997. Ten years before he won two gold medals and many bronze medals in a number of tournaments. His accomplishments are long, making him one of the best all-time players worldwide.

Keith McCready

Keith McCready had a talent for pool when he was 9 years old. Later on, he traveled the United States to compete in tournaments. 

He was once described as playing the most perfect pool. He also acted in movies that made his net worth anywhere between $700,000 to 30 million.


The world is so large that you will find so many other billiards players that could be considered for this list. These are just the most well-known pool player hustlers throughout history and today.


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