How Much Do Professional Pool Players Make? We Compared the Best

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Playing pool is a great pastime, but some people take it a step further and become professional players. Before you quit your day job, however, you may be wondering just how much money professional pool players make.

The top earners in the billiards world make an average salary of approximately $62,500 per year. However, the very best players can receive annual salaries upwards of $200,000.

Below, we’ll discuss the highest-paid players in billiards and more information on how these players supplement their income. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

How Much Do Pool Players Make?

Pool players get paid an average of $62,500 per year and can make up to $200,000. The average salary of a pool player is approximately $31.25/hour.  

It can be hard to break into the pool industry and begin to make a handsome living, so it can sometimes be frustrating for players to establish an income at the beginning of their careers.

To make more than the average salary of a pool player, players need a lot of experience playing in smaller tournaments before competing in larger ones.

There are plenty of places to watch billiards online, with YouTube exploding and other streaming services.

Who Are the Highest-Paid Pool Players?

The highest-paid player in billiards to date is Fedor Gorst, a player from Moscow, Russia, who won the 2019 9-Ball World Championship. Gorst currently has an average yearly salary of $229,372.  

Interestingly, the top ten highest-paid pool players are all from different countries.     

We compiled a table that shows the ten best and highest-paid players and their salaries:

Rank Country Name Salary (USD) 
1 Russia Fedor Gorst $229,372
2 Spain Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz $167,350
3 Germany Joshua Filler $144,863
4 United States Shane Van Boening $124,147
5 Great Britain Kelly Fisher $116,049
6 Scotland Jason Shaw $112,557
7 Philippines  Roberto Gomez $97,925
8 Austria Albin Ouschan $95,185
9 Poland Wojciech Szewczyk $90,221
10 Greece Alexandros Kazakis $82,735

As you can observe from the table above, the top pool masters make quite a bit of cash.  

Who is the Best Pool Player of All Time?

Efren Reyes is the best pool player of all time, with a net worth of $2 million.

Reyes has won countless tournaments and maintains over 80 international titles.

Efren Reyes has a biography called Efren “Bata” Reyes, which describes his movie career alongside his successful career in billiards.  

He also starred in Bolera and The Color of Money.

Reyes has made a lot more money than other pool players.

This is because he honed his exemplary ability to play pool while monetizing that ability through other avenues, such as movie production.

How Do Pool Players Make Their Income?

Those with a knack for pool playing can make a decent living, although income can sometimes be sporadic. 

There are several ways pool players can make money, such as:

  • Winning bets at a local bar
  • Winning tournaments
  • Teaching pool on the side
  • Getting endorsements

There are plenty of ways players can make an income from their passion. 

Continue reading to see how each method can be done successfully. 

Winning Bets at a Local Bar

Once they become good enough, pool players can make a few bucks on the side by betting on games against others at local bars and pool halls.

Those who become very adept at playing pool may eventually become known as “pool sharks,” a name many pool players use to describe someone who is experienced in the game. 

Some players scout out particular clubs to hustle inexperienced players. 

Others enjoy a challenge and make money through playing honest matches with those of similar skill levels.

Winning Tournaments  

Once they get good enough, pool players often sign up for competitions and tournaments that offer prizes to the winners.  

Some pool tournaments offer quite a bit of money as a prize if a player wins. For example, in 2021, the World Pool Championship offered $50,000 to the first-place winner. 

Teaching Pool on the Side 

Many experienced pool players make a decent income by teaching pool lessons on the side to those who want to learn the sport. 

A pool teacher’s average rate is around $17 an hour, depending on the teaching location and the teacher’s experience level.

This opportunity can be a great choice for those who want to retire but still enjoy playing the game of pool.

It’s also a good idea for college students who enjoy the sport and need a little extra cash. 

Getting Endorsements

When pool players become skilled in their craft, they usually receive increased media attention and general supporters. 

As players become more skilled and well-known, they may begin to receive endorsement offers from different companies.

These endorsement offers are usually deals that involve the player interacting directly with the brand in some way over a specific period of time.  

Athletes who have been endorsed have reportedly been able to make millions of dollars a year in endorsements alone. However, pool players tend to make a bit less. 

In Conclusion

The best pool players make at least five to six figures a year. The highest-paid pool player in 2022 is Fedor Gorst, who made $229,372 this year.

Efren Reyes is the best and highest-paid pool player of all time, with an approximate net worth of over $2 million.

Pool players can make their income in a variety of ways, such as competing in tournaments, teaching lessons, getting endorsements, and betting on games at local bars and clubs. 


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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