10 Places to Watch Billiards (TV, Streaming, YouTube, and More)


Watching billiard games has quickly become popular especially as the Championship League Pool games are one of the most watched tournaments online. Online streaming channels are popular places to watch billiards especially if you want to watch past tournaments. 

The best places to watch billiards include:

  • Streaming platforms like DAZN
  • YouTube Channels like POV Pool
  • Cable TV has some options
  • Matchroom

If you’re wondering where you can catch all the live pool games as well as view old tournaments, this guide is for you! 

Broadcasting Channels on TV 

Here are the most popular channels to tune into on TV. Depending on your cable subscription, you might already have access to them. 

If your basic cable plan does not give you access to these channels, you can usually buy a membership to them either annually or monthly. 

Most of the channels are sports networks, so they don’t just show pool. You will have to tune into the network and see what times they show billiard games. 

Here are the ones to check out:

  • Sky Sports Network (UK)
  • Matchroom (UK)
  • Eleven Sports Network (USA)

Most avid billiard watchers agree though that TV is not the best place to catch a pool game. You have many more choices of what to watch and who to watch on YouTube. 

You can also subscribe to different streaming platforms and then watch pool through the app on your phone or Smart TV. 

Streaming Platforms 

These are the most popular streaming platforms. You can download the app and then sign in to watch the games on any of your mobile devices or your computer. 


DAZN has the largest range of live broadcast pool games. You can watch all of the Matchroom Pool’s top tournaments on this channel. 

They offer a free month trial and then afterward you can sign up for annual or monthly subscriptions. 

Here are some of the best pool tournaments that DAZN broadcasts:

  • Championship League Pool 
  • Mosconi Pool
  • World Pool Championship 
  • World Cup of Pool 
  • US Open Pool Championship 
  • World Pool Masters 

Now, let’s see the next place to watch billiards.

Pool Action TV

Pool Action is known as the largest broadcaster of pool events in the USA. You can watch famous American pool masters with their opponents from all over the world. 

They have live broadcasts and old games are shown. This channel is best if you want to watch Texas Open 9 & 10 Ball and the US Open Events. 

MatchRoom Live 

This is one of the best channels to subscribe to if you want access to many different lesser-watched sports.

These include:

  • Pool
  • Boxing
  • Darts
  • Snooker

You can also have access to extra features from the Mosconi Cups along with the chance to chat with other registered users about the games. 

The most watched pool games on MatchRoom Live are the Championship League Pool and the WST Pro Series. 

YouTube Channels 

If you prefer to watch your billiard games on YouTube, there are many different channels you can subscribe to. Some are free and for others, you will need to pay a small monthly fee. 

POV Pool 

Point of View Pool (POV) is a channel that only shows pool games. Pool watchers say this is the best channel for a variety of pool as you can watch all different skill levels and games. 

Tune into POV Pool to see 3 cushion billiards and 9 ball pool. You can also learn many tips about playing pool on this channel by seeing the different kicks and angles that the players use. 

CueSports International 

CueSports offers higher-quality videos for free. Since the channel also shows the US Open 10 Ball and the 8 Ball tournaments, all the videos are shot on 7-foot tables rather than 9-foot tables. 

Many viewers prefer to watch on smaller tables because it allows them to learn a different skill set as winning pool on a smaller table is more difficult. 

You can still find many videos shot on the traditional 9-foot table though. They also show tournaments from all over the world including well-known international players. 


GeniPool is well known amongst billiard watchers as they show the Mosconi Cup and the World 9 Ball Championship. This is the best channel to subscribe to if you mainly want to see tournaments. 

All the matches also have commentary from billiard experts. The videos are shot with very high quality as well. 

GeniPool does not have the tournaments live though. This channel is best for people that want to watch old tournaments and who want to learn all the skills of playing pool. 

Billiard Club Network

Billiard Club is another great choice for those that want to watch old games and hear commentary to help them learn pool skills. They have expert announcers like Danny Diliberto and Billy Incardona. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many places to watch billiards including TV channels like Matchroom and streaming platforms such as DAZN. YouTube is one of the most popular choices for watching pool since there are many different channels to choose from.


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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