My name is Benny and I’ve been playing pool for over 10 years.

I absolutely love the game and have been on an APA or BCA team for as long as I can remember.

I recall when a buddy asked me to join his team for a pool league and I had no idea what that entailed.

I started as a SL 4  (Skill Level 4) and quickly dropped to a SL 2 within the first month.


A few years ago, I decided to take the game more seriously and dedicated myself to do drills; hour after hour.

Years later, I found myself as a SL 6 and I was really proud of how much I had improved.

Today, I find the most joy in teaching others what I’ve learned along the way.

Other hobbies I enjoy are:

  • Volleyball
  • Playing Poker
  • Longboarding

Currently I work as a Salesforce Administrator for a mortgage company and I operate another website with my friend called Smart Home Starter.

When My Pool Team Went to APA Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada - 2016!

Rows of Pool Tables.

Team Photo at the Old Las Vegas Strip!

Pool Stick Vendors