Will Water or Rain Ruin a Pool Table? (How to Keep Your Table Safe)

One of the most common places to keep a pool table is outside, where everybody can gather around the item and enjoy all that it has to offer. While this location is excellent, it also puts the table in a position where it can get wet from drinks, a pool, or the weather. If you keep your table outside, you might wonder – will water or rain ruin the pool table?

The short answer is that water can cause damage to a pool table, and in many cases, ruin a pool table. The severity of the harm depends on many factors, such as the amount of water that is exposed to the pool table and how long it sits on top. Regardless, it is critical to keep your table free from liquid if at all possible.

Read on to learn more about the potential damage water can cause to your item and how you can keep your table safe. Protecting your investment is a vital part of having a pool table that will last you for a long time.

Will Water Ruin a Pool Table?

Water will damage a pool table if too much of it comes into contact with the item. This harm happens if the table is outside or in a place where people may put drinks on top.

Water will inevitably damage a pool table, although the amount of damage can vary. This depends on a few factors, including how long the water is in contact with the pool table and the materials that make up the pool table.

Some factors that can determine how harmful water might include:

  • Duration: The length of time that the water sits on the pool table is a vital factor. The longer it’s there, the more damage will be done. If your pool table does come in contact with liquid, it’s important to clean it right away.
  • Amount: A splash of water will cause more damage than a simple sprinkle. The more water that gets on the table, the more harm will come to your pool table.
  • Composition: Some water is acidic. The pH level of the liquid could potentially eat away at the wood or felt. Acidic liquid can occasionally come from rain if you occupy a polluted area.

All of these elements can help to decide how detrimental liquid might be to a pool table.

Knowing how to keep your table safe from this is vital. We will go over a few tips next so that you can prepare your valuable item for the damaging liquid it might face in the time that you own it.

How to Keep Your Table Safe

Water can damage your pool table, so it is vital to understand how to protect it. If you avoid contact with liquid at all, you can prevent any potential damage from happening in the first place. Being proactive and stopping the damage before it happens will cost you much less in the end and give you more time with your piece.

Some ways that you can keep your table safe include:

  • Keeping the table covered: Putting a cover over the table when it is not in use is critical to keep it safe.
  • Cleaning the table off: If water spills on top of the table, your reaction time in cleaning it off is vital.
  • Putting the table inside: Rather than keeping the pool table outside, put it inside to defend it from water that comes from the outdoors.

All of these items can help you to keep your table safe from damage.

We will go over each of these so that you understand how to keep your pool table safe. With these measures, water and rain will not be able to get through without extra effort. Taking a stand against liquid will permit you to give your pool table a much longer lifespan inside your home. Being proactive is vital.

Keep the Table Covered

The first way you can keep your table safe is by investing in a cover. There are many waterproof options that you can get for a good price.

A protective cover not only defends against water but also keeps the pool table clean. This item is an excellent investment for anyone who cares about their pool table.

Some of the best pool table covers on Amazon include:

All of these are great choices if you are looking for a pool table.

Taking this item off and replacing it might seem like a hassle, but it will save you money and ensure that your property is in excellent condition. Read on to learn about some other tips that can help you keep your pool table safe from water damage.

Clean the Table Correctly

Another measure you can take to protect against water is to clean it off the table as soon as it becomes a problem. Gently wipe the area clean with a cloth, drying it out.

Removing water before it has a chance to soak in is vital. It will prevent damage that comes from allowing water to linger for too long on a surface.

Keep the Table Inside

Our final tip is to keep the table inside. By doing this, you can avoid much of the natural water damage that nature causes. By keeping it inside, all you need to worry about are problems that originate from your home.

All of these are great places to put a pool table inside. Of course, you can still keep it outside if you desire. Ensure that you put a cover on it to provide some defense against wet weather.

Final Thoughts

Water and rain are massive issues for those who own pool tables. This element can cause damage to the materials used in this fun object, potentially harming it beyond repair. Keeping your pool table away from this liquid is vital to ensuring that it lasts a long time.

By taking measures to protect your pool table from exposure to water or rain, you can ensure that it lasts you a long time. Whether indoor or outdoor, there are ways that you can preserve this piece and keep it fully intact for years to come.


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