Can You Store a Pool Table Outside?

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Pool tables are great for entertainment, but storing one can be a challenge. This leads many to question whether or not storing a pool table outside is an option.

A pool table should not be stored outside. Pool tables left outside are subjected to any number of elements including rain and extreme heat, both of which are damaging to the table’s materials and the level of the table. Exceptions to this include specialized outdoor pool tables or proper protection.

So before you jump up and order a pool table, or start working out the logistics of how to move your existing pool table outside, be sure to finish reading this article. Then, if you decide to move your pool table outdoors, you will know how to do so safely.

Why Is It a Bad Idea To Keep a Pool Table Outside?

When referring to a pool table, most people think of an oak table with a felt playing surface. And if this felt playing surface were to get wet, it could damage the pool table and make it difficult, or impossible, to play. Not only that, but wooden materials like oak can warp and twist when exposed to outdoor weather and temperatures.

There are pool tables that are specifically built to be used in an outdoor setting. The problem? Well, these tables have a harder playing surface that can make it difficult to play well. Additionally, they are typically made of less classy materials like plastic or metal that could be an eyesore in your yard.

Can You Keep a Pool Table on Your Patio?

If you have an outdoor patio, it may seem like a good idea to keep a pool table out there for family and friends to enjoy during your summer BBQs. But as mentioned above, it is not the best idea to store your pool table on your patio where it will be subject to the elements.

If the patio is covered, it may be okay to keep your pool table on it, but it depends on how it is covered. If the cover is just a simple over-the-top awning, this may not be enough to keep your pool table dry.

And don’t forget that temperature is a big problem as well. If you live somewhere with extremely hot or cold weather, an awning will not be sufficient to protect your pool table from extreme temperatures.

Safer Ways to Store a Pool Table Outside

For those that have made it this far and simply can see no other way to have a pool table than to store it outside, below are a few things you can do to keep your pool table safe.

Buy an Outdoor Pool Table

As mentioned above, there are outdoor pool tables out there made of materials that will do just fine on your patio. But remember, these tables are less pleasant to play on as they won’t have the smooth felt playing surface you are used to.

Always Use a Dust Cover

When storing your pool table outside, you absolutely must always use a pool table cover. This will help keep moisture, sand, and other outside unpleasantries from getting to your pool table. It is also a good idea to invest in a UV cover to protect your pool table from the sun. You additionally need to remember not to set anything on top of the pool table while it is covered.

Invest in Special Sprays/Cleaners

Besides covers, there are several special sprays and cleaners that you can use to protect the wood on your pool table from the elements. The spray you need to use will widely depend on the weather in your area. And make sure you read the bottle, so you will know how often you need to reply.

Keep it Outdoors Seasonally

Does your hometown have great summer weather but terrible winters? In this case, it may be best to keep your pool table outside during the summer, then tuck it away in the basement or garage for the winter.

The only downside to this idea is that pool tables can be heavy and difficult to move. Not to mention that no matter where you live, the summer weather is always going to be an issue, and you may find yourself trying to madly drag your prized pool table inside during a freak summer storm one evening.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is not a very good idea to keep your pool table outside unless it is a pool table that was specifically designed to be set up outside. But if you absolutely must store your pool table outdoors, be sure you have it in an area that is safe from the elements and that you have the proper supplies to keep it protected year-round.




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