Elite EP15 Pool Cue Review

Going from amateur to enthusiast is a tough transition. Many start out with an Action cue, and find themselves hard-pressed to throw it away. Through thick and thin, they have kept their starter cue at their side, and it has never fallen apart.

If this sounds like you, Action’s Elite Prestige series may be the perfect upgrade. Not only do you get the world-class reliability of an Action, but you get expert craftsmanship that rivals Predator and Lucasi.

Deflection Level
Mid Deflection Level Shaft 50%
Hit and Feel
Great Balance, Beautiful Action 90%
Expensive, Good Value 50%
Elegant, Stylish 80%

Overall Review


So, are you ready to go beyond the sub-one-hundred-dollar price range and break into the intermediate market? The Elite EP15 Pool Cue should be one of your first considerations. Precision-crafted and milled to a tenth of a millimeter, the EP15 will allow you to make fine adjustments to your play and hone your top spin.

About Action

For over a decade, Action has been putting out high-quality merchandise without compromising quality control. Such an arrangement is rare for a company that mass-produces cues overseas.

You may have already played an Action pool cue at a bar or a local billiard, as they often supply bulk orders for businesses. But their Elite line is a whole other beast entirely. This isn’t your bartender’s house cue.

What Player Does this Suit

Players that are broaching level four and want to prepare for tournament competitions will find a good match in the Elite EP15 Pool Cue. It’s a particularly good compromise for those who want a Predator, Meucci or a similar cue, but cannot afford one.

We might even say that it can go up against cues twice its price, and hold its own.

What Other Owners Have Said About It

The Elite EP15 Pool Cue has got a lot of buzz circulating.

  • Players note that the shaft is smooth, with a fine taper and tight grain.
  • Very few complain about factory defects, and the quality is referred to as second to none.
  • A soft, fluid hit that has been likened to a Meucci.

Comparable Alternatives

Can you get something better for the same amount? Let’s compare the Elite EP15 Pool Cue with a few alternatives.

#1 Players Classic Birds-Eye

  • Advantage: Comes with a lifetime warranty and a high-impact fiber ferrule.
  • Disadvantage: Fit and finish doesn’t stack up to the EP15.

#2 OutlawMcDermott S25 Pool Cue

  • Advantage: Hard Rock Maple with white pearl inlays and rings.
  • Disdvantage: Does not include a hard case.

As far as mass-produced pool cues are concerned, any of these will be more than serviceable. Players who want to save a little bit of money could opt for the Players Cue, but they should expect less polish.

Another good comparable pool cue to check out is the Action VAL05. Much cheaper but not as sleek as the Elite in my opinion. You can’t go wrong with either.

Read my full review on the Action VAL05 to learn more  here.

Bottom Line

Fluid impact and dead aim — the Elite EP15 Pool Cue is a stick with a multitude of tricks up its sleeve. The wood-to-wood joint allows for excellent transference of power, and the layered tip rivals from third-parties like Kamui. When so many competitors offer lifetime warranties in this price range, a one-year warranty seems a little paltry. But if you can get over that, you’ll be a very, very happy customer.


  • Outstanding attention to detail — workmanship, routing, and finish
  • Tiger Redline tip
  • Five-point quality control check means you won’t get a dud


  • While it may play like a Meucci, it’s still not a Meucci
  • No low-deflection shaft
  • One-year warranty

Beginners who loved Action will be right at home with the Elite EP15 Pool Cue. Intermediate and advanced players alike will be showing up the competition — at the bar, and the tournament. 


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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