Pool Cue Case Buyer’s Guide

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Do you need to buy a pool cue case but don’t know which one to buy?

Pool players use a pool cue case because they need a safe method of traveling with their pool cues.

What exactly is a pool cue case?

It’s a case meant to keep your pool cues safe while you transport them. Perfect for when you are going to the bar, pool league, tournament, or just a friend’s house. Many pool cue cases have multipurpose functions like the ability to hold multiple pool cues or extra pockets. Extra pockets are great for other accessories like chalk, tip repair tools, jump cues, and more.

There is usually cushion on the inside to protect your cues from hitting each other. Some brands lack in this department so you’ll want to pay attention to each type of case. Pool cases can also have “Soft” or “Hard” types of cases which can be strong and sturdy OR thin and flexible. Choosing the right case is fundamental to the protection of your pool cues.

What do the numbers mean? 2×2, 2×4, 4×6?

The most common pool cue case is the “2×2” which is able to carry two full pool cues; The numbers stand for the number of pool shafts and pool butts will fit in that specific case. The first number (2x2) refers to the pool butt (the heavier bottom part of a pool cue), and the second number (2x2) refers to the pool shaft (the skinny top part of the pool cue). The 2×2 is perfect for a player who wants to carry their primary shooting cue and a secondary cue (a break cue or jump cue).

2×2 Hard Case:

Pool Case

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Other common sizes

Other common pool cue case sizes are 1×1, 2×4 and 4×6.

  • 1×1 – This is great for a pool player that only needs to carry 1 full pool cue.
  • 2×4 – If you have 2 full pool cues but have 1 or 2 extra pool cue shafts, then this is the size you want. Ultimately this size can carry 2 full pool cues + 2 more extra pool shafts.
  • 4×6 – This is great for a player that has multiple pool cues like breaking cues, jump cues, additional high-end shafts etc. It can hold 4 pool cue butts and 6 pool cue shafts.

To summarize:

  • 1st number = Pool Butt count
  • 2nd number = Pool Shaft count

A pool cue case 2×4 can be referred as a 2 butt/4 shaft cue case. This may help others remember the difference in numbers easier.

Different Styles of Pool Cue Cases

There are a lot of pool cue case brands and hundreds of different options. Thankfully, most of the styles can be broken down into about 5 different types.

  • Hard Cases
  • Soft Cases
  • Box Cases
  • Leather Cases
  • Custom Cases
Hard cases

Hard cases are the absolute most popular pool cue cases among pool players. The Hard case style often contains high impact tubes that are sturdy and protect your pool cues from roughness. These are perfect if you need protection against hard surfaces (back of a truck), dents, warping, and more.

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This type of case is perfect for players that want:

  • Extra protection
  • Hard and tough layers
  • Grab their cues from the top of the case

The hard pool cue case I have has been great so far. I have never had a concern on if my pool cue was going to be damaged. It was always a peace of mind, no worries or hassle. They also serve well if you’re traveling by car or plane to a tournament and want peace of mind.

Soft cases

Soft cases are perfect for starter cues, normally lighter weight, and usually cheaper. A majority of soft cases are 1×1 which means they can only carry one pool cue. There are other sizes but they just aren’t as common.

Besides that, there seems to be a longer list of disadvantages to soft cases than advantages.

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This style of soft cases are usually cheaply made (there are exceptions), thin material, don’t feature as many pockets, and in my opinion don’t look as great as a Hard case or Leather case.


  • Good for starter/cheaper pool cues (You don’t want to buy a $1,500 pool case to hold an $80 pool cue)
  • Lighter weight and easier to carry
  • Cheaper $$


  • Usually little or no pockets (holds fewer accessories)
  • Not as durable as Hard Cases
  • Cheaper quality

Whenever I see soft pool cases, I can’t help but think of how flimsy and thin they appear. As soon as someone removes their pool cue from it, the case sort of collapses onto the ground. Overall, if you are looking for something to get started with and don’t want to spend a fortune – a soft pool case is a good option.

Box cases

The next style of pool cue cases would be the Box style.

This style looks great and has a briefcase appearance. They look nice, sturdy and usually have a latch style fastener to close it. Some Box cases do give you the ability to put a Lock on it too but, it isn’t common from what I have seen.

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Box cases usually have an outlined seat for your pool cues to rest and cushion somewhere in the case. Depending on which one you get, there may be extra spaces for accessories and even extra billiard balls too.

Leather Cases

Leather cases are a little different because the can be Soft cases or Hard cases but made out of Leather material. A lot of Leather cases tend to have more character which players enjoy. The only downside I see to Leather Cases is it will drive the price up (They can easily go $1,000+).

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There are other cases that can be made with other materials but I won’t mention them. The leather material is the most commonly used.

Custom Cases

Custom cases deserve their own category because they have unique attributes. Most Custom Pool Cue Case companies are willing to design and customize your pool cue case to exactly how you want. Do you want a pool case that looks like it’s on fire? Maybe you just want your name on it? Want some piece of art on it? Want a crazy Disney or Iron Man theme on it? These companies can do it.

Custom cases can be:

  • Laser Engraved
  • Particular Color Scheme
  • Themed Design
  • More

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Custom pool cases are usually higher-quality and will come with a warranty (1 year, lifetime – depends on the company). The biggest downside is that custom pool cue cases are very expensive. Be prepared to spend some serious dough if you are considering a custom case. 

JB Custom Cues is a great example of a Custom Pool Cue Company. They have done a great job creating pool cases to the owner’s dream and vision.


As you can see, there are a lot of different types of pool cue cases. Keep in mind that you will get what you paid for. If someone paid $250 for a Leather Hard Case 4×4, you can bet that case is going to last a long time. If you buy a cheap $20 soft case 1×1, it may not last that long or give you the best protection. My personal recommendation would be to stick with Hard Cases. If you want to spend the extra money to get a great case, there are a lot of great cases to check out. It is definitely worth the investment to protect your pool cues.

There are however affordable hard cases that are well under $100 so browse around.

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I hope this post helps you figure out which pool case is the right one for you. The variety of cases will help with those looking for a tough protection or if players prefer a lightweight and affordable option. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Have a great day!


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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