What Size Pool Cue for a Child? (Chart Size Included)

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Are you wanting to get your own pool stick for a child but you aren’t sure what size to get? Maybe you just happen to be slightly shorter and need a pool cue that better suits you.

What size pool stick (or pool cue) should I get for a child?

  • Most children or shorter people can use the pool cue size 48″ with a height between 3’5 to 5’4.

This is just a general range so take it with a grain of salt. The player may actually prefer a slightly shorter cue or slightly larger cue size. It’s best to use the chart by height instead of age because age isn’t a direct correlation to an individuals height. The most common pool cue size for juniors/children is 48″. Additionally, if they are on the shorter side around 3’5 or 3’6, they can still easily grow into the cue size fairly quickly.

If your child does not fall within the most common size then they may need to get a different size cue.

  • Children that are between 3’4 to 3’6 should use a 42″ inch size pool cue.
  • Children that are 3’4 or shorter should use a 29″ inch size pool cue.
  • Children that are 5’2 to 5’7 should consider a 52″ inch size pool cue.

Getting the proper billiard equipment is very important as it can affect the individuals skill in the game. Checking to see what pool cue size’s are available is also important in situations where pool tables may be in smaller rooms. Again, the 48″ size is perfect if you’re trying to hit that difficult rail shot where the traditional pool stick would hit the wall (58″).

If you want to learn more about popular pool cues for juniors/youths, we have some great recommendations. Pool cues can come in different weights too and is ultimately up to the individuals preference on how heavy they prefer it.

What Weight Should a Junior Pool Cue be?

The range of most junior pool cues is 16 ounces, 17 ounces, or 18 ounces. The most common weight is 17 ounces which should suit most children or junior players fine.

Will a Pool Stick be too Heavy for Children?

Most junior pool sticks will not be too heavy for them. The average junior pool cue is 17 ounces which equates to a little over 1 pound. Children ages 6+ shouldn’t have too much of an issue carrying a 17 ounce pool cue around periodically.

Recommended Junior Pool Cues

There are a lot of pool cues to choose from, it can be really overwhelming. Thankfully, there are reliable billiard brands that have budget friendly cues available. There is even options to custom engrave pool cues if you are getting someone a present or want to surprise them.

Here are my 3 favorite pool cues for junior sizes:

  • The ISPIRITO 1 Piece Pool Cue is 36-Inch it comes with a set of two. Great for kids who are just starting out.
  • The Viper Junior Pink Lady 48-Inch Pool Cue is lovely for a child who loves pink. This one is also only 16 ounces and part of the profits are donated to Breast Cancer Research.
  • The Action JR01 52-Inch is a perfect cue for a junior who is slightly taller or prefers a cue a little longer. This is a good neutral black color.

Action and Viper have been coming out with quality pool cues for customers who don’t want to break the bank. They are always really affordable and good quality. Most pool cues in pool halls are actually made by Action too!

Related Questions

What Is The Average Pool Cue Stick Size? The average 2-piece pool cue is 58″. If a pool cue is 1-piece, then the standard size would be slightly shorter at 57″.

What Size Pool Cue For A 8 Year Old? Most 8 year olds will be comfortable using a 48″ pool cue.

What Size Pool Cue For A 11 Year Old? Most 11 year olds will be comfortable using a 48″ pool cue.

What Size Pool Cue For A 16 Year Old? Most 16 year olds will be comfortable using a 48″ or 52″ pool cue. This depends on how tall they are.

What’s A Good Junior Pool Case? Most pool cases are universal so you can use any pool cue case. A pretty good and inexpensive case is the Cosmos Black Color Cue Case because its thin and lighter to hold.

How much does a good pool cue cost? Pool cues can range anywhere from $30 to $1000+. The average being $60-100 for standard pool cues while good quality can be between $150-300. Great pool cues made out of high quality materials and advanced low deflection technology can go from $200 and up.


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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