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Updated 2/4/2023

When I was first starting out in pool, I made the mistake of wasting money on a pool stick from Walmart. Needless to say, I bought a dud and my friends made fun of me until I upgraded.

I’ve researched across a lot of different websites and used my personal experience of playing pool for over 10 years to give you the results!

Here are the best pool sticks to get under $100:

NameThe Star RatingHighlightsPriceImage
Action VAL01[star rating="5"] - Low price
- Pro Taper
- Weight Adjustable
Action ACT109[star rating="5"]- 13mm Layered Boarskin Tip
- Nice color & inlays
- Pro Taper
Griffin GR37[star rating="5"]- 13mm Tiger Redline Tip
- Pro Taper
- Weight Adjustable
Players C-960[star rating="4"]- 13mm Le Professional tip
- Lifetime warranty
- Weight Adjustable
Players C-801[star rating="4"]- French Le Pro Tip
- Simulated black wrap
- Weight Adjustable
Viper Clutch[star rating="4"]- ABS joints
- 13mm Le Pro Leather Tip
- Twist off scuffer
- Weight Adjustable
Viper Underground[star rating="5"]- Low price point
- Edgy tattoo style graphics
- Weight Adjustable
Viper Elite[star rating="4"]- Low price point
- Weight Adjustable
- ABS joints
- 13mm Le Pro Leather Tip
Viper Junior[star rating="5"]- Wide range of design
- Low price point
- 13mm Le Pro leather tip
- Weight Adjustable
Action JR12[star rating="5"]- Low price point
- 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
- Burgundy Marble forearm
- Weight Adjustable

Want to know more about each pool cue? Scroll down to see an in-depth section over each pool cue.

Benefits of Owning Your Own Pool Cue

So you want to purchase a pool cue for under $100… Welcome to the right place! This is a great price point because pool cues can get really expensive.

You don’t need to spend $200, $300 or more on a pool cue – especially if it’s your first one!

Here are the main reasons to invest in your own Pool Cue:

  • Avoid House Cues – Using the terrible house cues at the local bar is an amateur move. Unless you’re trying to hustle someone, nearly all serious pool players own their own cues (usually multiple cues).
  • You know your pool cue is straight – Can’t trust a house cue or bar stick.
  • Higher quality (vs house cues)
  • Low investment cost – Compared to upper high-end cues ($200-500+)
  • Motivation – When players get their first pool cue or a new piece of equipment, it usually sparks motivation to get even better.

Now that you know exactly why you should get a pool stick under $100, we’re going to cover the different brands of billiard products; specifically beginner pool sticks.

I’ve researched several different websites and sources for the best sellers, best brands and a combination of other factors. I’ve played pool for a long time and have noticed over time what pool players are using.

Best Beginner Pool Stick Brands

Traditionally the 3 brands that have dominated the affordable beginner pool range are:

  • Action
  • Griffin
  • Players

They are both top brands that many players and businesses trust.

Your local bar or pool room probably got all their house cues from Action.

The Action brand has been around for over 20 years so they aren’t just some new billiard brand that popped up a few months ago.

Additional brands that fall in this category are:

  • Cuetec
  • Viper
  • Scorpion
  • Eight Ball Mafia

They are well-known around the pool community too and have been around for a while.

I’ve owned a Viper cue before and unfortunately, I was an idiot and left it in the car at 100 degrees in the hot summer. It sadly warped and I quickly learned my lesson.

If you still need advice on what to consider when purchasing a pool cue, check out my Pool Stick Buyers Guide for Beginners!

The Top 10 Pool Cues for Beginners

Action ACT109

Action ACT109 pool cue is listed for $100+ but it’s on sale now for under $100! (Click link for accurate price) This is another item with a sweet cherry wood forearm. This is a good deal for under $100 and I would jump on this sale before it ends.


  • Tip: 13mm Layered Boarskin
  • Ferrule: 1″ Fiber
  • Shaft: 29″ Hardrock Maple 10-12″ Pro Taper
  • Collar: Black
  • Pin: 5/16×18
  • Piloted: No
  • Forearm: Cherry Wood with 6 Black and White overlay points
  • Rings: Silver Rings
  • Wrap: Black and White Irish Linen
  • Sleeve: Cherry Wood sleeve with black and white window overlay designs
  • Plate: Black
  • Bumper: Black Rubber
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
  • Weight Adjustable: Yes, with the Action Weight Bolt

Both of these cues would be the perfect pool cue for a beginner where you don’t want to invest too much money. They are the perfect bang for your buck while gaining more experience in the game. I’m also a big fan of the white overlay points and the wrap. Classic design, can’t go wrong.

Griffin GR32

The Griffin GR32 is a great beginner cue listed at $130+ but on sale on Pool Dawg’s website (That’s over 30% off!). Most of Griffin’s cues are over $100 and with the quality Griffin is bringing, this is a tough one to pass up.

This is Definitely a Hot pick from the list!


  • Tip: 13mm Tiger Redline
  • Ferrule: 1″ Fiber
  • Shaft: 29″ Hardrock Maple with 12″-14″ Pro Taper
  • Collar: Stainless Steel
  • Pin: 5/16×18
  • Piloted: Yes
  • Forearm: Tan stained hard rock maple with black diamond and pointed overlays.
  • Rings: Checkered Rings
  • Wrap: Black and White Irish Linen
  • Sleeve: Tan stained hard rock maple with black diamond and pointed overlays
  • Plate: Black with Gold Griffin Logo
  • Bumper: Black Rubber
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
  • Additional Info: Includes Joint Protectors
  • Weight Adjustable: Yes, with the Action weight bolt

A few recommended pool cues from the dependable Players brand:

Players C-960

Here is a Players C-960 Classic Crimson Birds Eyes Maple with Triple Silver Rings on Amazon. A bonus is it’s on Amazon – So you get their big company customer service in case anything happens. It has a triple silver ring design that I love and I am a big fan of the Maple color style. Reviewers have commented on what a beautiful cue it is for the price and that it’s well balanced with a great tip.


  • Solid black genuine double-pressed Irish linen wrap for a classic, slip-free grip
  • Stainless steel joint collar with 5/16 x 18 pin gives a rock solid hit
  • 13mm premium Le Professional Le Pro tip This hard oak leather tip by Tweeten holds its shape longer and plays more uniform for more consistent play
  • Available in 18 – 21 ounces in half ounce increments
  • Lifetime warranty

Players C-801

Here is another Players cue which is a Players C-801 Birds-Eye Maple Red Points cue with a stunning 5 star amazon review (As of 12/2017). It has currently only 5 reviews but you can trust Players cues are reliable and a solid choice. Reviewers mentioned how stylish and straight this cue shot.

Players C-801 Players Pool Stick Cue


  • 58 Inch Pool Cue
  • 100 percent North American grade A hard rock maple shaft
  • Special high-impact ferrule
  • Quality French Le Pro tips for maximum ball control
  • Simulated black wrap

This is definitely one of the hot picks with all the positive amazon reviews, trusted brand and slick design.

Viper Clutch

The first Viper cue I’ll recommend is the Viper Clutch 58” 2-Piece Billiard Cue on Amazon for $60ish (Range is $50-$130 depending on options). This one is pretty sweet because it comes with a twist-off scuffer at the bottom of your cue! I love multi-purpose products so this is a bonus for me. You’ll never know when you need a scuffer to help your tip grab that extra chalk.


  • The Constructed from quality hard Canadian Maple wood and stained in a variety of colors; Coated with 9 layers of varnish
  • Designed with a 2-piece billiard cue, allowing for easy transportation and storage
  • Features lightweight ABS joints help provide consistent feedback during play
  • Each billiard cue is finished off with a siliconized infused felt wrap to provide a tension free stroke every time and a 13mm Le Pro leather tip
  • Available in 18-21 ounce cue weights, offering a customizable assortment; Includes lifetime manufacture limited warranty

Viper Underground

The next pool cue is a Viper Underground for about $50 from Amazon. My first real pool cue was actually a Viper and I loved it. Reliable and it never let me down. What’s awesome is it’s much less than $100 and it comes in a large range of weights from 18oz to 21oz.


  • Constructed from quality hard Canadian Maple wood and features edgy tattoo style graphics down the length of the cue
  • Designed with a 2-piece billiard cue, allowing for easy transportation and storage
  • Features lightweight stainless joints which help provide consistent feedback during play
  • Each billiard cue is finished off with a 13mm Le Pro leather tip, faux-leather wrap and a traditional rubber bumper
  • Available in 18-21 ounce cue weights, offering a customizable assortment

Viper Elite

Viper Elite for CHEAP (Click for full price) is another trustworthy cue with a ton of different color and size (weight) options for you to choose. The price range says $18-$160 but on average they’re only $30-35 on Amazon and this one has a majority of good reviews with over 90 reviews. This is an awesome budget cue because it’s well under $100!



  • Length is 58 inches
  • 2-piece Canadian Maple Wood
  • Stainless Steel Rings
  • ABS joints
  • Weight is 18 to 21 oz
  • 13mm Le Pro Leather Tip
  • Irish linin wrap
  • Traditional rubber bumper

Viper Junior

Another Viper cue for Junior’s is this Viper Junior cue! If you have a child or junior who you need a cue for, this one is perfect. Again Viper is very reliable and the Amazon reviews on this product are 4/5 stars. With over 150 Amazon reviews, this is another beginner pool cue I would trust my purchase with. This style also offers a variety of styles like:

  • Dragon
  • Pink Bones
  • Pink Lady
  • Realtree Hardwoods HD Camo
  • Rock & Roll
  • Spider

Reviewers have mentioned the high quality, sweet design and smooth feel.

Quick Specs:

  • 48 inch length
  • 2-piece Canadian Maple wood
  • Stainless Steel Rings
  • Lightweight ABS joints
  • Weight: 16 oz
  • 13mm Le Pro leather tip

Some Advice not to stress too much about the choice

Now I want to mention at this price point, your concern is not that it is going to have the greatest pool technology or greatest low-deflection in the shaft. You will need to be spending more serious money and at this point, only a few things really matter to you – like the style, weight and look and feel of the cue. Again, at these price points and for this brand – any of these cues will perform how you need them to and will be reliable enough to use. If you stick to these main brands listed above– you can’t go wrong. Other notable brands for beginners are:

  • Dufferin
  • Lucky
  • Trademark Global
  • Imperial
  • Mizerak

I know there are probably brands I am missing, but there are just way too many to name. Let me know if you think I should add some to this list and we’ll see if it makes it up there!

Additionally, all these prices were listed on different websites as of December 2017 so they may change depending on when you read this.

Another note is that all these pool cues are 2-piece because no one brings a 1-piece to the pool hall! The only time I would recommend a 1-piece is if this pool cue is only going to be kept at home and not being transferred that frequently. Almost 99% of all pool players with their own cue will bring a 2-piece or 3-piece cue with them. To summarize – the norm is the 2-piece cue.

Now if you want to purchase some pool cues in the higher price range like the $200 and $300 range, you can certainly do so too. But at this point is where you will see a lot of low-deflection pool technology where a lot of intermediate to pro level players will need that to help them get to the next level.

One last thing I want you to take away is that it is not the cue that defines the player, but ultimately the player’s skill that will outshine the equipment. There are countless pro’s that do not use expensive high-end shafts and that’s because they are comfortable with the middle-class cue they’ve been playing with for years. I hope anyone searching for the best pool cue for beginners or under $100 found at least one piece of useful.


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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