Pool Table Measurements (Height, Width, Weight, and More!)

Having a pool table in your home can be the centerpiece to entertaining friends and family and a fun way to spend time in your home.

The most common pool tables are 7, 8, and 9 feet varieties. Each one requires a different amount of space to be fun and effective in your home. There are also weight and size concerns for getting the table in and out of your home.

One of the many benefits of having a pool table in your home is that you finally have a place to fold all your laundry! However, it can also be a fun place to hang out with friends!

Pool Table Measurements

Pool tables come in various materials, so they have no universal weight. 

If you buy your pool table at a big box store, the weight will be minimal as these tend to be for recreational areas and geared towards young kids.

If you purchase from a billiard table seller, the material your playing surface is made out of and the material used to build your table will contribute the most to the weight.

Most tables are made of wood, some hard, and some medium-density fiberboard (MDF), but those weights tend to stay near the same size.

The true difference is when you get into the playing surface. A slate playing surface will be much heavier than a wooden or MDF.

You should consider all pool table measurements when purchasing a new or used pool table, especially if you’re getting one used and already assembled.

Weights and Measurements of Common Pool Table Sizes

Here is a chart that lists the most common sizes of pool tables purchased for home use. Most home tables are in the 8 ft. range but can vary depending on space limitations.

Table Size Height Length Width Average Weight 

(Wood Bed)

Average Weight 

(Slate Bed)

Six Foot  ~29.25 – 31 in. (0.74 – 0.78 m) 70 – 74 in.

(1.77 – 1.88 m)

35 – 37 in.

(.88 – .99 m)

180 lbs.

(81.65 kg)

500 lbs.

(225.79 kg)

Seven Foot ~29.25 – 31 in. (0.74 – 0.78 m) 74 – 78 in.

(1.88 – 1.98 m)

37 – 39 in.

(.94 – .99 m)

275 lbs.


700 lbs.

(317.51 kg)

Seven Foot + ~29.25 – 31 in. (0.74 – 0.78 m) 78 – 82 in.

(1.98 – 2.08 m)

39 – 41 in.

(.99 – 1.04 m)

275 lbs.

(124.73 kg)

700 lbs.

(317.51 kg)

Eight Foot ~29.25 – 31 in. (0.74 – 0.78 m) 88 in.

(2.23 m)

44 in.

(1.11 m)

320 lbs.

(145.12 kg)

1,000 lbs.

(453.59 kg)

Eight Foot Pro ~29.25 – 31 in. (0.74 – 0.78 m) 92 in.

(1.16 m)

46 in.

(1.16 m)

320 lbs.

145.12 kg)

1,000 lbs.

(453.59 kg)

Nine Foot ~29.25 – 31 in. (0.74 – 0.78 m) 100 in.

(2.54 m)

50 in.

(1.27 m)

450 lbs.

(204.11 kg)

1,300 lbs.

(589.67 kg)


Most bars and pool halls have 7 ft. tables, and most home buyers tend towards 8 ft. tables. You will need a 9 ft. table if you want tournament size.

We’ve got a great guide for what size room you should have for different-sized pool tables.

Pool Tables on Amazon

It is possible to get decent tables for your home delivered straight to your doorstep via Amazon delivery. 

These three pool tables are suggested as the top three available on Amazon:

EastPoint Sports Masterton 87-inch Billiards Table Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars with over 2,300 ratings
Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-Ft Pool Table Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars with over 1,700 ratings
American Legend Kirkwood 84” Billiard Table Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars with over 250 ratings


Before buying, look at our guide for how much you should spend on a pool table.

Let’s look into the specifics of pool table measurements now.

How High is a Pool Table?

Most pool tables sit at around 30 inches high. It can vary between brands, models, and sizes but by an almost imperceptible amount.

The tournament regulations on billiards tables require the height of tournament pool tables to be between 29.25 inches (0.74 m) and 31 inches (0.78 m).

Most non-tournament brands tend to build within these parameters.

How Wide is a Pool Table?

The width and length of the pool table is a 2:1 ratio. The length of your pool table will always be double the width because pool tables are perfect rectangles.

A pool table’s length will always be 2x its width, and its width will always be ½ the measurement of its length.

Once you measure how much space you have in the room, you want your pool table; you can extrapolate the length or width requirements from there.

How Tall is a Pool Cue?

Pool cue choice can come down to which game of billiards you are playing. Different cues affect 8-ball pool, 9-ball pool, and snooker when playing.

The three most common sizes of pool cues are 48 inches, 52 inches, and 58 inches. Which one you will want to use will depend on the size of your table and the size of the room your table is in.

We’ve got more details about choosing the right pool cue for the right game, table size, and room size. It also talks about materials and pool cue weights.


When purchasing a pool table, it is important to research the space you have and the table you want. Having a large table in too small a space will be more frustrating than fun.



Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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