Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue Pool Cue Review

The Players Triple Silver Rings Cue will complement any beginner who wants to get out of the bedroom, and onto the league circuit. Timeless appearance, Le Pro medium-hard tip, and an Irish Linen wrap — all of these attributes make for a strong performer at a dollar amount under three-digits. If you can accept a few caveats and compromises, particularly in the deflection department, you won’t be disappointed.

Deflection Level
Mid Deflection Level Shaft 50%
Hit and Feel
Solid Feel of Real Wood 70%
Typical for the Midrange Market 60%
Elegant Wood, Irish Linen Wrap 80%

Overall Review


Are you around skill level 2 through 4 in APA? This pool cue might jumpstart your play, particularly if you’ve been at a plateau for a few months. The shaft and l come well-aligned, and a lifetime warranty guarantees that any warping will be taken care of.

If you rely on English for a fair part of your game, you might look at a few alternatives from Players themselves. At this price point, you’ll either have to sacrifice the low-deflection shaft for a nicer oak leather tip, or vice versa.

About Players

Players Classic Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue

Players has a positive reputation among the budget-conscious and semi-professional crowd. They are headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. For twenty-seven years, they’ve produced classic designs as well as bleeding-edge concepts. The company claims to turn-and-dry each blank of wood seven times to prevent warping.

Players is a division of a larger corporation called Cue and Case, which shares a similar reputation — great sticks that compete with cues more than twice the price.

What Kind of Player Does this Suit?

Players who are tired of playing the same mass-produced pool cues from overseas will appreciate the fit and finish of a Players Cue. While the Birdseye maple is not nearly close to the quality you might find on a higher-end stick, many are satisfied with the smooth action of the shaft. Experts and professionals will want more out of a pool cue, but it might make a decent backup cue in a bind.

What Other Owners Have Said About It

Consistency across the board seems to be the common denominator with all Players models.

  • Players note that the stick has high-quality material steel joints and ring joints.
  • Others praise the setup of the tip, as well as the seriously controlled draw.
  • A small percentage of users report a slippery grip. This might a matter of an occasional oversight in manufacturing.

Comparable Alternatives

At this price range, there are many competitors. Let’s compare a few, shall we?

#1 Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool Cue (Amazon)

  • AdvantageLow-deflection allows for greater control of your English.
  • Disadvantage: Softer tip that many complain wears out over the course of a year.

#2 AB Earth 2-Piece Hardwood Canadian Maple Billiard Cue (Amazon)

  • Advantage: Hand-polished wavy grip.
  • DisadvantageManufactured overseas, although known for high quality control.

How much do you value a low-deflection shaft? If you’re a more advanced player, you might be able to initiate spin without the help of one. If that’s the case, the Players Triple Silver Rings cue will be a better value.

As far as the AB Earth is concerned, you’ll find their 2-Piece Maple Billiard cue meets the mark punch-for-punch with the Triple Silver Rings cue. The grip will be the key difference. Do you prefer the texture of Irish linen, or the rigidness of lacquered wood? It’s a matter of personal preference.

Bottom Line

Like other billiard cues in its class, Players Triple Silver Rings cue checks all the boxes — straight as an arrow from shaft to butt, balanced in weight and play, and a LePro medium-hard tip. Most don’t have issues with grip, though if you encounter any issues, Players have a responsive customer service team and a comprehensive warranty.

Here is a quick breakdown of the Pros and Cons:


  • Excellent value in comparison to other advanced pool cues.
  • LePro tip absorbs just enough impact when making contact with the cue ball.
  • Classic look with a contemporary flourish.


  • At this price level, it’s possible to find a low-deflection shaft.
  • There are a few duds in the grip department.
  • We hope you like brown, blue, or red. Because that’s all you’ll get.

Amp up your play from beginner to aspiring professional. Whether you’re an experienced player who has been out of the game for a while, or a self-starter ready for league play the Players Triple Silver Rings cue is sure to give you a run for your money.


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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