Is a Slate Pool Table Better?

The difference between slate and wood tables is quite confusing and its hard to decide which one is better. However, with a little bit of research, you’ll find the answer to almost anything.

Is a slate pool table better? Slate pool tables are much better than other tables due to numerous reasons. We can see in competitions that the pool tables used are slate pool tables as the balls run smoother on them and make the gameplay even better. However, slate pool tables are more expensive than regular wood tables.

If you are wondering if you should buy a slate pool table, then you’ll need to more about them before you make the purchase.

Continue reading this article as we’ll discuss in more detail as to whether or not slate pool tables are more efficient when it comes to playing pool.

The Difference Between Slate and Wood

A slate pool table is simply a pool table that uses slate as its playing surface. On the other hand, a wood table uses MDF. Slate is usually more expensive, whereas MDF is much cheaper.

Now let us get into the pros and cons of both the tables for a better understanding and to make it easier for you to chose which one to get.

Wood Table Pros

Before buying this table, you need to verify whether they are as good as they seem. Here are some of the factors related to wood pool tables:

  • The wood tables are more mobile and easy to move around in your home compared to slate. The wood tables are much lighter because of the materials used to build them.
  • The wood tables are simply not expensive when compared with slate pool tables. This means if your budget is a bit low and you need a table to install in your room, then the wood pool table would be best for you.
  • There are a variety of mini pool tables made of wood, whereas there aren’t many options when it comes to slate pool tables. This means if you don’t have enough space in your room, then wood tables would be suitable to install as you’ll have a variety from which you can choose.


The table also has some negative factors for you to consider before making a purchase. The following includes those factors:

Wood tables might not always be the best option as sometimes the quality of wood isn’t that good. Wood is also more likely to get damaged over time if it isn’t taken care of from time to time. You’ll also have to keep the table in a place where it is the environment is cool; otherwise, your wood table could is vulnerable to getting ruined. Also, if you end up spilling a drink on the table, then that’s going to ruin the table immediately.

Other than this, when compared with the slate tables, the gameplay is much slower. This is one of the main reasons why professionals in competitions don’t use these tables.

Slate Pool Table Pros

As already discussed above, the best thing about these tables is that the gameplay is excellent. Other than that here are two more positive factors:

  • The balls run smoothly on the surface and allow players to control the balls with true precision. This results in making the game even much more fun.
  • If you’re looking to play on a professional level, then this table is just for you. The surface this table provides is what you need to improve your game and control over the balls.

Other than this, a slate pool table is much more durable than wood tables. These tables can withstand any kind of temperature, so you don’t have to worry about the table getting damaged if you live in an area with high humidity. However, you would need to change the cloth sometimes, but the surface will always remain perfect.


The biggest negative factor about these tables is that they are expensive, which is why people tend to go for wood pool tables instead.

The table is heavy, and once placed in a specific location at home, you won’t be able to relocate it. People who prefer switching their interior from time to time will face difficulty with this table so that the wood pool table would be good for them.


When it comes to gameplay and precision, the slate pool tables are much better than the wood pool tables. This is a fact no one can deny. If you can afford to buy the slate pool table, then you should buy it as we have stated above, the reasons for it being better than the wood pool table.

However, if you have a tight budget, the wood pool table would be more suitable for you.





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