Is a 9-Foot Pool Table Worth It? (Pros and Cons)

When it comes to deciding what size pool table to purchase, there are several factors you need to consider. No matter which size you buy, you will want to ensure that there is room to play in the space the table will go into. Personal preference should always be considered to make it worth it to you.

A 9-foot pool table is worth it, depending on the reasons behind the purchase. A table of this size has many advantages and disadvantages depending on a person’s skill levels and other factors.

To determine whether the 9-foot table is the one for you, you will need to consider all the characteristics of a table this size. For some, many of these factors will either make the purchase easier or a bit more difficult. Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of purchasing a 9-foot pool table.


There are many advantages to consider when deciding whether a 9-foot pool table is worth it for you. Many of these depend on the reasons behind the purchase. Most people decide on purchasing a larger pool table for the competitive advantages. The bigger table can help hone the skills of those looking for more experience.

Its Regulation Size

One reason to purchase a 9-foot pool table, as opposed to all the other sizes, is because it is considered a regulation size and is used most often in professional tournaments. So if you are thinking about playing pool professionally, it is best to start learning on the correct size table as soon as possible.

Nine-foot tables require more skill and are more difficult to maneuver, thus making the competition more challenging and exciting for players. Even if you don’t plan to play professionally, if you want to regularly play against friends, it’s better to get the official size.

It’s Better for Developing Skills

Furthermore, experienced pool players are better able to test their abilities on the 9-foot table. This is because it requires players to shoot with more accuracy and speed control in order to travel the length of the table. The more you play pool, the better you get, which means you should develop your skills on the size table that you plan to play on.

Fewer Ball Clusters

Another advantage to purchasing a 9-foot table is that there are fewer chances of clustering the balls that happen on a smaller table. With the tendency of the balls being farther apart during the game, players are provided with more challenges than benefit their level of experience. Having more room additionally helps the game run much more smoothly as clusters of balls can disrupt play.


Alternatively, while there are many advantages to having a 9-foot pool table, there are definite disadvantages you should consider. A table of this size can be more of a hindrance for many people, and some players find it difficult to play on a bigger table because of the distance they have to learn to manage.

You Need Longer Shots

You will need to be able to hit longer shots for this table size, and thus it tends to make the game much more difficult and require more skill to pull off a win. There is also less in the players’ control and more room for things to go wrong. The requirement of the longer shots also makes it difficult for someone who might be shorter and does not have the arm span to accommodate.

You Need a Bigger Space

Another disadvantage of a 9-foot table is the space needed to house it. This table requires you to be certain there is not only space for the table itself but also plenty of room to play around the table. This requires careful measurements of the table and the pool cue that is intended to be used compared to the size of the room it will go into. Typically, this table needs a room size of around 14’x18′ to play comfortably.

It is Expensive

The cost of a 9-foot table is yet another consideration that many may find to be a deterrent when making their final decision on whether to purchase a table of this size. Nine-foot tables are relatively more expensive than tables of other sizes. Depending on the material the table is built with, the price can be quite steep, and if you want quality, you will pay for it. This leads to many people choosing a smaller size table.

Final Thoughts

All in all, there are many things to consider when you are deciding whether a 9-foot pool table is the right one for you. Since this could be a big investment, you will want to ensure you have done extensive research before you buy. But if you have the space, experience level, and preference for the larger-sized table, then it will be a great investment.


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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