Choosing the Right Pool Table Felt Color (And Colors to Avoid)

Selecting the right color for your pool table felt is more important than you might think. You want the pool table to look good, and more importantly, you want to be able to play a game of pool on it or practice without the felt color being a problem.

So, how to choose the right pool table felt color?

  1. Avoid black or colors that are too dark
  2. Don’t go too bright if you have bright lights
  3. Consider the décor of your room and the table
  4. Consider your preference
  5. Visit a showroom to get a better feel for certain colors

If you take these five tips into consideration when you’re selecting the best felt color for your table, you shouldn’t run into any issues. Read on to learn more about each tip and why it is important.

Choosing the Right Table Felt Color

For the most part, the color of the felt on a pool table isn’t going to make a huge difference to how you play the game, but if you want your pool table to look good in the space you have for it, then felt color makes a big difference.

We’ve put together this list of tips to help you make the best choice when purchasing new felt for your pool table.

Tip #1: Avoid Black or Dark Colors

Black felt on a pool table undoubtedly look amazing. It is sleek and edgy, but it is not a good color for playing on. Here’s why:

  • Creates super dark shadows
  • The 8-ball kind of disappears on it
  • The pocket disappears in the dark shadows which makes it hard to make a shot

So, if your primary concern is having a pool table that looks cool, then black felt will do it, but if you actually want to practice and play on the table, go for a brighter color.

Tip #2: Consider the Décor of the Room and the Table

Obviously, you should take into account the room where you’re placing the table and the color and style of the table. An ornate wooden table might look great with a deep maroon cloth, while a polished dark table might like better with a muted gray tone.

Also, take into account your pool table light. If your pool table light is bright green, you probably don’t want to have neon orange felt.

Tip #3: Don’t Select Felt that is too Bright

If you have a nice bright light over your pool table, you should avoid a table felt color that isn’t too bright. The brightness of the light, combined with the brightness of the felt, can bother your eyes. Some people even report that it gives them headaches.

So if your light is bright, select something a little more muted, go for a deep burgundy over a bright red, and a jewel tone blue over a bright blue.

Tip #4: Consider What Colors You Like

You don’t want to pick a color you don’t like just because you think it will look good in your space. Chances are, you can find a color that will go well with your space and pool table, and be a color that you like.

Blue, green, and red are typical pool table felt colors, but don’t be afraid to branch out. If you don’t want to go too wild, stick to neutral tones.

Remember that whatever chalk you use will show up less if it is the same color as the felt. If you have a preference for blue chalk, stick to blue felt. For more on how to select billiard chalk, check out our post What’s the Best Billiard Chalk?

Tip #5: Visit a Showroom

Showrooms will be able to let you handle samples of different felt in all the available colors. You can see what they look like under the lights in the showroom and lean then against different style pool tables.

This should give you an idea of what the felt will look like in your home and on your table.

Overall, the color the felt is doesn’t matter too much. Just don’t go too dark or too bright, and you should be just fine. If you need to overhaul all of your pool table accessories, you should check out our post 20 Different Pool Table Accessories.


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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