20 Different Pool Table Accessories

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It feels like once you own a pool table, there are a million more things you need to go with it.

Are you asking yourself “What Pool Table Accessories do I need?”.

In this post, we’ll cover a wide range of billiard accessories that will fit perfectly in your game room or pool hall.

You’ll want to have all the tools necessary to keep the table and billiard products well maintained. We’ll go over pool cue wall racks that can display nicely on the wall or floor racks if you prefer. We’ll also show you good recommendations for table cleaners, brushes and more. What if your pool tip breaks and you need to replace it? We got you covered too. Stick around because you may see some pretty cool stuff you’ve never seen before.

1. Magic Rack

The Magic Rack combo pack will give you the perfect tight rack every single time. You can use it for 8-Ball, 9-Ball, and 10-Ball.

The material is made to be water-proof so don’t worry about spilling drinks on it. The material is also easy to roll up if you are traveling and need to bring it somewhere.

You’ll never have to worry about having a bad rack.

Magic Rack Billiard

Click on this Amazon link to see the price for the Magic Rack.

After breaking, just leave the Magic Rack film in place and then remove it when no balls are on it. This usually is right after the break or 1 to 2 turns afterward.

I have personally used this before and I think it’s an amazing product. I know that with this rack, I’ll always get a great spread after a good break. Many other owners agree so you can rely on this product’s quality.

2. Billiard 32-piece Kit

Do you want to avoid purchasing multiple accessories and get a simple kit?

This 32-piece billiard set has everything you need to get going. It has a wall rack, brushes, bridges, 4 playing cues, racks, 15-balls, and more.

Click here or in the image above to see Amazon’s exact price for this billiard kit. This is perfect for people who:

  • Just need the basics to get started
  • Do not want to spend a lot of money on billiard products
  • Non-serious players

If you are a professional pool player that will be playing for 4+ hours a day, this is probably not the kit you are looking for. If you are a casual player or maybe it’s meant for the kiddos to play around on, this is a great kit for to serve that purpose.

3. Simonis X-1 Pool Table Cleaner

The Simonis brand has been producing arguably the best table felt in the billiard world for a long time. It’s no surprise that they have released the perfect Pool Table Cleaner to go along with it.

This is hands down the BEST pool table cleaner on the market (in my opinion).

Simonis Cleaner

Click on this link to be redirected to Amazon website for this product page and price.

The X-1 grabs the debris in a lighter fashion to keep your table looking awesome. It does not require replacement pads. It works its magic when you apply light pressure which creates a static cling between the fibers and particles on the felt.

Keep it clean with a shop vac and rake it lightly with a wire brush if the fibers get matted down and need to be fluffed around. Do not get this wet.

4. Horse Hair Brush

If you want to keep your table clean from debris but don’t want to spend a fortune, the Horse Hair Brush is perfect.

This brush has a 10.5-inch hourglass shaped handle along with double length horsehair bristles. This helps clean billiard tables and underneath those sneaky rails. Don’t waste your time with the Nylon brushes as you won’t get the same effect with a horsehair brush.

It is available in a variety of colors such as Midnight, Wine, Chocolate or Honey. Check out the Amazon website for the exact price.

5. Quick Clean – Pool Table Cleaner

The Quick-Clean has been a great way to clean my pool table for a long time. The idea is that it won’t require you to have a brush, vacuum or damp cloth. You can simply spray and wipe it off.

I personally like the range this spray has (Be sure to read the instructions and spray at the designated angle and distance). You will want to be at least a few feet from the table when spraying.

Click here to see Amazon’s price.

This is a dry-foam cleaner that dries quickly so I would advise doing half the table first.

Tip: Hold it upside down when spraying, it is not a regular aerosol spray cans you are accustomed to.

6. Retractable Telescoping Bridge Stick

Don’t you hate when you need a pool bridge and can’t find one underneath the table at the bar?

Everyone is going to need one at some point, why not buy your own? Is it because it’s too long to carry?

Well buddy, with this bridge stick, that takes away that problem. This bridge is a Retractable Telescoping model which allows you to change it from 14-inches and expand to a full 57-inch bridge length.

Want to know the price? Check out Amazon’s website for this Bridge’s price.


  • Color – Brown Handle w/ Bronze Bridge Head
  • Materials – Metal Bridge Head w/ Wood Handle
  • Length – 14″ when collapsed and 57″ when fully extended

 7. Bridge Heads – Justa

Maybe we didn’t win you over with the last bridge…. but we definitely will with this one.
Every pool player NEEDS one of these.
This Justa-Bridge attaches to whatever spare cue you have in seconds. The bridge’s position is even ADJUSTABLE by rotating the cue you attached it with. Guys and Gals, I can’t stress enough how amazing this bridge is. It is by far the most versatile and flexible bridge we’ve seen by far.
Justa Bridge
Bonus – It’s much smaller than even a retractable bridge. The only downside is you will need to have a spare cue ready (and when has there ever been an instance where there wasn’t one). Click here to view the full details and pricing on the Justa bridge at PoolDawgs website.
I’ll be honest, I only found out about this bridge a few months ago and my jaw dropped when I saw it in action.

8. Retractable Chalk Holder

Are you tired of always having to reach over to grab chalk during a game?

Click here to view the price and product on Amazon’s website.

The Pool Dawgs retractable chalk holder is the answer. Attach your chalk to the chalk holder and clip it onto some part of your clothing. This baby zooms back into place but, be sure not to tug it too hard because it will get stuck.

9. Two Piece 12-cue wall rack with holes

Do you need a better pool cue wall rack? Maybe you aren’t looking to spend a fortune, the Two-Piece 12 Cue Wall Rack is perfect for ya. It’s simple and does the job.

This is made out of solid wood and holds 12 full cues with easy. The shaft of your cue threads through a hole in the top part and the butt rests on the bottom wooden piece.
Click here to see the price and details for this 2-Piece 12 Pool Cue wall rack at Amazon’s website.
Warning! The Plastic parts on this are the only part I would caution you guys not to be too rough with. I have had my own wall rack and these tend to be a little fragile. They are easy to break if you’re not careful.

10. 8-Cue Wall Rack

Do you want a wall rack that has some class and design behind it?
This Wall Rack is perfect. This gorgeous wall rack holds 8 cues, stores extra balls, your rack, and space for smaller accessories (chalk, etc.). I’m not going to lie, when I save up enough money to buy this bad boy, it’s definitely on my list. The last time I checked its price it was over $100 but, you’ll have to click the Amazon’s link for the 8-Cue Wall Rack to see accurate pricing.

This product has a bunch of different color options like midnight or honey. Save some space on the ground and use this wall rack. It’s an awesome way to display all your pool cues nicely on the wall.

11. Iszy – 6 Pool Cue – Billiard Stick Wall Rack

Do you need a wall rack that does more than hold pool cues but, you don’t want to pay a fortune for it?

I do, and that’s why I bought this wall rack myself. This wall rack is great because it holds your billiard balls and your 8-ball or 9-ball Rack. I am a big fan of multipurpose products and Iszy has done a great job with this wall rack.

Made of Wood and available in Mahogany, Black or Oak. It’s hard to see in my pictures but I chose Mahogany. It came out a little darker than I expected but when the light hits it, you can really see it.

Click on this Amazon link for the product page to see the accurate price.


  • 6 Cue and ball wall rack – Made of wood
  • Cues, balls and ball racks not included – Some assembly required
  • Holds 6 cues and15 balls – Mahogany finish
  • Mounting hardware included – Measurements are 28 1/4″H X 27 1/4″W X 2 3/4″D

The wood feels like great material to me (but I’m no wood expert). My only gripe is it only holds 6 pool cues and the green bottom pad feels a little thin. Besides that, it’s been great so far. An awesome price point for what you are getting out of it.

12. 10-Cue Floor Rack

What if I don’t want holes in my wall?

This 10-Cue Floor Rack is designed to fit your needs. It was created to fit perfectly in a corner and showcases your cues at the same time. This floor rack is a bit pricier but I reckon it’s worth it. Check out Amazon’s link for the exact price and details.

billiard floor rack 10 cues

Bonus!! It has ball storage and even glass/drink holders on the top. Perfect spot to plant your beer while you beat your opponent.

13. Tweeten Repair Kit

Are you ready for a pool cue or cloth disaster?

Most people aren’t but that okay – this Tweeten Repair Kit has everything you’ll ever need. In this package it includes:

  • Tube of Tweeten 10-Minute Cement
  • Leather Replacement Cue Tips
  • Tip Clamp
  • Top Sander
  • Scuffer
  • 3-pack of Master Chalk
  • Spots
  • Backers

tweeten billiard tip repair kit

This is the perfect repair kit to keep at home in case anything goes wrong. Be prepared for when a tip goes flying off after your friend smashed a break.

This repair kit gives you tons of products without burning a hole in your wallet. My favorite aspect about this kit is that it’s affordable. Click on Amazon’s link for the Tweeten Kit for more details and price.

14. Cuetec Bowtie 3 in 1

Cuetec has created a really great product with the Cuetec Bowtie 3 in 1.

This is great for Pool Cue Tip Maintenance. This tool has 3 in 1 tip tools that include:

  • Shaper (Nickel)
  • Scuffer
  • Tip Pick

Cue Tec Bowtie

As you can see, mine is a little beat up but it still works til this day! I’ve had it for about 2 years now and it fits perfectly in your pocket. Check out Amazons link to see how affordable it really is. There is even a Demo Video in the link if you need instruction on how to use it.

I’ve used this to scuff and shape my Predator 314-3 shaft countless times and it’s been great. I would advise you though to scuff and shape with caution because you don’t want to take too much off your tip. I’m no tip expert so please do your own research, I would hate for you to damage your pool products!

15. Cuetec Glove

Got sweaty palms? What’s the best glove for pool?

Cuetec Glove has a cure for that. I have really come to enjoy products that Cuetec produces. I have never had any issues with them and I doubt you will either.

Click on this link to view the price for the slick Cuetec Glove on Amazons website.

This is a one size fits all product. Only meant for players that are right handed.

16. Pool Table Covers

You want to protect your pool table from dust, harsh weather, and any other outside effects that could harm it.

Click here to view the price for a 7-Foot Heavy Duty Pool Table Cover. There are other sizes too if you have an 8-foot or 9-foot pool table.

A pool table cover is a perfect answer for that. Here is the same one I have at home and it’s heavy duty, build thick and strong to last.

Billiard Pool Table Cover

Click on this Amazon link to view the product page for this table cover for accurate pricing.

17. Tefco Spots

Are you missing a spot on your pool table?

I’ve purchased crappy spots before and they peel off very quickly. They just don’t stay down. Finally, I found Tefco Spots and they were just what I needed. As soon as I applied them down, I pressed my fingers over them firmly and I was done.

Click on the image or this link to see the price on Amazon.

Seriously folks, don’t waste your time on the cheap stuff. Buy these Spots and you won’t have to worry or hassle about your Spot peeling off.

18. Silver Cup Billiard/Pool Cone Chalk

The Silver Cup chalk helps you keep your hands dry, cool and smooth. This is great if you need to lessen the friction between your bridge hand. Silver Cup is hands down (in my opinion) the best brand for hand chalk.

This fits all cone chalk holders (but the holders are sold separately).

Click on the image above or the Amazon Link here or in the image above for accurate pricing. If you need hand chalk, look no further.

19. Claw

Do you need something to hold your cues in place?

The Q-Claw 3 Cue Holder is a sturdy and fantastic product for holding your cues safely. It is designed so that it can fit any normal corner and distributes weight to remain in place.

Click on the Amazon Link to the Q-Claw to see pricing.

Mine is a little beat up, but you can see the edge where it fits perfectly into a corner. There are also those little bubble ridges to make sure it doesn’t slide anywhere.

This is a great size too for your pool case when on the road. I own these personally and a no hassle product. No clamping or whatever needed.

 20. Aramith Pro Cup 6 Dot Red TV “Measles” Cue Ball

Any pool player who is a fan of billiards has seen a cue ball with red dots.

Aramith has come out with their own unique cue ball that you can own today. Aramith has always made phenomenal billiard balls and this cue ball is no exception.

Click on the Amazon link to see the accurate pricing for the Aramith Pro Cup

Personally, this ball has been great for training exercises and drills. If I need to show another player where to hit for drills, I can simply turn the ball and tell them to aim at the dot.

Supposedly there has been a billiard simulator that ran this ball through 400K hits and it was still playable. This was not true for the other guys. This is one of the best cue balls out there, you can’t go wrong with Aramith.


I hope that you guys enjoyed the list of billiard accessories. I did hours of research online to find the best of the best. A lot of these products I own myself, and I have not been given any free products (as of today) so these all are unbiased recommendations. Be sure to check out the rest of my buyers guide page if you need additional suggestions about the best pool cues for beginners to buy or the best chalk. If there is something you think I should add or remove, feel free to comment below.


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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