How Do You Store a Slate Pool Table?

Slate pools tables are definitely the most traditional and classic option, but proper storage is a must. Unlike wooden pool tables, slate ones will stay nice for years to come because slate does not easily warp. But again, this rests heavily on storage. Despite how heavy a slate pool table is, it really can be quite fragile. This is why you should make sure that you are storing your slate pool table properly to not be damaged.

The proper way to store a slate pool table is by taking it apart, covering all pieces, and storing the slate portion vertically against a wall. You have to be careful, however, because if you place it in the wrong place, the slate portion of a pool table can damage your home, or cause serious injury. We highly recommend hiring professionals to take apart and store a slate pool table, or at least enlisting the help of several people. It’s definitely a 2+ person job. 

Finding the perfect place for your slate pool table can be more difficult than you might anticipate. Keep reading to learn more about slate pool tables and where you should put them to be sure they are stored in a way that is safe for both the pool table and your home.

How Do You Know if a Pool Table is Slate?

If you’ve recently inherited or purchased a pool table second-hand, you may be unsure if it is made of slate or not. The easiest way to check if your pool table is slate is by looking at the underside of the playing surface.

When you look at the bottom, if you see a grey color, your pool table is likely made out of slate. To be sure, feel the grey part to see if it feels like stone. But, on the other hand, if you look under your pool table and see wood or a color that isn’t grey, it is probably not made out of slate.

If you are still unsure after looking at the bottom, you can determine if your pool table is slate by taking it apart. Slate is heavy and will feel like a rock when you go to move it.

Where Should You Store a Slate Pool Table?

As mentioned above, a slate pool table is made out of stone. This means that it is very heavy and can damage things like walls and floors. It can also cause permanent indentations in the carpet. And because it is so heavy, a slate pool table is best stored near the area where it will be used so that you don’t have to move it frequently.

It is best to store a slate pool table on a cement floor. This way, the slate itself won’t damage your floor. If storing your slate pool table on a cement floor isn’t possible, then a hardwood floor with a moving blanket placed over it will work as well. And remember that all pieces of the pool table should ideally be covered with moving blankets to protect them, your floor, and your wall.

Be sure you also store your slate pool table in a place where it will be secure and won’t fall over. This is because, even though it is made of stone, a slate pool table is very brittle and can break or be damaged if it is dropped.

Pool tables should always be stored in a place that is climate controlled with very little or no moisture. This is because extreme temperatures and water can damage the wooden portions of the table. If you are considering storing your pool table for a long time, you may consider removing the felt and wrapping all of the pieces in plastic.

Do You Have to Disassemble Your Slate Pool Table Before Storing it?

Because slate pool tables are so heavy and bulky to move, some people may want to skip the step of disassembling the pool table before moving or storing it. This, however, is a bad idea.

You should always disassemble a slate table before your move or store it. This is because it is easy to damage an assembled pool table as you go around corners or up and down stairs, and also pretty much impossible. Just note where all the pieces go as you take it apart so that it is easy to put together later. Additionally, storing a pool table assembled can damage different parts of the pool table. Again, this is why we encourage hiring professionals to do this for you.

Never attempt to move the slate portion of a pool table on your own. As previously mentioned, it is very heavy and, if dropped, can be damaged easily. It’s best to have at least one other person help you with disassembling, moving, and storing your slate pool table.

Final Thoughts

Storing a pool table is never easy, especially if the pool table is made of slate. The best way to go about storing a slate pool table is by disassembling it, wrapping all the pieces, and placing it against a wall in a safe place. Also, we suggest hiring professionals, especially if you don’t have several people willing to help with the task.

Remember to keep in mind the temperature, and floor type, of the place you choose for storage. This is not only important for your pool table but also critical to avoid damaging your home.




Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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