What is a Double Kiss in Pool? (How to Avoid and Predict it)

Learning the different pool terminology that experienced pool players use requires a specialized dictionary. You’ve probably heard people talking about the dreaded double kiss.

But what is a double kiss in pool? A double kiss in pool is when the cue ball and an object ball touch twice during the same shot. Sometimes this is done a quick speed intentionally when the object ball is in close proximity to the pocket to prevent a scratch or missed shot, but it is usually unintentional.

Learning the ins and outs of the double kiss takes time and practice. In this article, we’ll help you get started by discussing how to predict a double kiss and how to avoid it.

Can You Predict a Double Kiss?

You can’t always predict when a double kiss will happen, but there are some situations where a double kiss is more likely, and you should take extra care with your shot.

  • Does the shot line up with the edge of the pocket? Imagine a line that runs down the center of the cue ball and the object ball you intend to hit. If this line runs through the far edge of the pocket or at the point, then there is a strong likelihood of a double kiss.
  • Is the ball frozen to the rail? When a ball is frozen to a rail, the cue ball will hit the object ball off the cushion and into the intended pocket. However, what usually happens is that it hits the object ball back at itself. With enough speed and at the right angle, it is possible to avoid the double kiss.
  • Is the object ball near the cushion with the cue ball right up against it? Just like when the object ball is frozen to the rail, when a shot requires the object ball to bounce off the cushion and back in the direction of the cue ball, there is a chance for a double kiss.

Here, Dr Dave goes over the common double kiss shots during banking (Slow Mo Shot around the 1:00 time):

Basically, most bank shots are good candidates for a double kiss. Bank shots include any shot where the object ball hits into the cushion as part of the shot.

Should You Ever Double Kiss on Purpose?

When you’re ready to learn some advanced techniques and take your pool game to the next level, you can absolutely use a double kiss to your advantage.

Here is a video by Dupree Trickshots where they cover when its a good time to do it purpose.

If the object ball is positioned next to the cushion just at the edge of the point, the first hit will push the object ball into the cushion, and the second hit will send it into the pocket without a scratch.

Even when the object ball isn’t right against the cushion, the double kiss can still get the ball into the pocket without a scratch.

Using a double kiss to your advantage is definitely an advanced technique. So until you’ve mastered all the basics, it is usually better to avoid the double kiss. For help learning how to master the basics check out our posts 11 Billiard Pool Tips Every Beginner Needs to Learn and How To Get Better At Pool Without Shooting Pool.

How to Avoid a Double Kiss?

Most pool players try to avoid a double kiss because it is harder to predict which direction the cue ball and object ball will go after the second kiss. Experienced players will begin to make predictions about a double kiss, but it takes a lot of practice.

The secrets to avoiding a double kiss are English and speed. Sometimes adding some left or right sidespin or slowing down or speeding up the cue ball will prevent a double kiss.

Of course, knowing exactly how much, which side, and how fast or slow the cue ball should be moving takes practice. This is what pool drills are for.

Using training aids like this Billiard Training Cue Ball that can help you be methodical and precise about making the right shot and determining how much sidespin you need.


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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