Weight Limit on Top of a Pool Table

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You’re likely to use a pool table for something it wasn’t intended for at least once in your life. Whatever the reason, you are starting in the right place by searching, what is the weight limit on top of a pool table?

It is not recommended to put more than 10 lbs directly on top of a typical recreational pool table for these reasons:

  • They are only meant to handle the weight of the balls, cues, and racks
  • The slate rock underneath the felt is brittle and can easily chip and break apart

But how is it that we often see images of professional players or beloved TV characters atop pool tables without issue? Keep reading to find out more.

Can You Stand On Top of a Pool Table?

So, can you stand on top of a pool table?

We recommend never standing on top of a pool table. While it may not break in half under your weight, you will undoubtedly damage the slate underneath. Even the slightest damage can make the table unplayable and lead to costly repairs of both the slate and the felt. 

On average, the slate is only about a quarter of an inch thick. Even if it does hold the additional weight in question, the frame underneath may not be reinforced enough and could lead to a significant break.

Can You Stand On Top of a Professional Pool Table?

But wait, if pool table tops are so fragile, then how come we always see images of professionals celebrating on top of them after a big win? 

Professional pool tables are built differently. Unlike a table you’d find in your home or at a bar, they use a much thicker slate with much more support from the frame. 

If you still need to climb atop your table, fear not. 

Even though the slate is fragile, the table’s weight is evenly distributed between the legs, meaning it can handle the additional weight without a problem.

How to Stand On Top of a Pool Table Without Damaging It

You can stand on your table with the correct precautions without damaging the slate.

To achieve this:

  • Use something sturdy to cover the table (like a plywood board with a blanket underneath)
  • You’ll need a ladder to climb on, as you will want to avoid the easily damaged rails
  • Once on top of the table, avoid the edges and try to complete your task as quickly as possible 

While the slate will be protected, the extra weight added for an extended period could affect the balance of the table.

Can You Store Items On a Properly Covered Pool Table?

If you live in a limited space, you may be wondering if you can save space by storing things on top of your pool table.

You can safely place boxes on top of your pool table if you put a piece of plywood (or other sturdy material) on top. However, we recommend against using a table for long-term storage, as the weight distribution will likely lead to warping. 

There are just a few things to be mindful of:

  • The weight distribution of the packages
  • Always avoid putting weight on the rails
  • Cover your table with a thick cloth to protect it from scratches

Now, let’s see if you can sleep on top of a pool table.

Can You Sleep On Top of a Pool Table?

For the same reasons we recommend that you don’t stand on a table, we strongly advise against sleeping on one. 

Your weight may be more evenly distributed than if you stood, but you will likely damage the expensive slate of your pool table if you sleep on it.

Using a piece of plywood to climb on top may work for standing, but using this to sleep is not advised. 

There is a possibility that you could roll over at night and damage the rail or the balance of the table itself. Not to mention, the chance of rolling off and injuring yourself.

Can I Turn My Pool Table Into a Bed?

If you’ve read all this and are still dying to spend the night on your table, there is a way to turn it from table to bed. 

Here’s how:

  • Cover the top with something sturdy
  • Wire a bed to the table to convert the table into a quality bed frame

However, it would need repairs if you want to use it to play pool again. 

Attaching the bed would require damage to the rails, and sleeping on top for an extended period would lead to changes in the balance.


Pool tables are big and bulky, but it’s essential to understand how fragile these massive tables can be. 

While there are ways to add weight to your pool table, protecting the felt, slate, and rails is crucial in protecting it. 

This information may ruin your post-game celebration plans, it will save you from making a very costly (and embarrassing mistake).


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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