Should You Tip Pool Table Movers (And How Much)?

In our culture, figuring out who to tip and how much can be confusing. Tipping pool table movers is no different, and there are varying opinions about what is appropriate.

So should you tip pool table movers? You are not required to tip pool table movers, but if you are happy with the job that they do, it is good to tip them, especially if they are not being paid directly by you for the initial job.

If you still aren’t sure if you should tip pool table movers or not, then you’re not alone. Most people feel a little hesitant. In this article, we will discuss why you might want to tip your pool table movers and how much is a reasonable tip.

Why You Should Tip Your Pool Table Movers

We know there is a lot of room for debate, and some people don’t like tipping on principle. Their employers should be paying them a fair rate to do the job so that tipping isn’t necessary is the line of thinking there. But, there are a few good reasons to consider tipping your pool table movers.

You Might Need Their Help in the Future

There is a lot of benefits of having a friend to call whenever you have an issue with your pool table. Consider these scenarios:

  • You want to change the felt but need advice
  • You want to know what the best felt on the market is
  • You need your pool table moved (again)
  • You want to upgrade other things (bumpers, rails, felt, etc.)

All these situations make having a pool table mover/friend really handy. If you tip your pool mover and they do a fantastic job, they probably won’t mind a quick question here or there.

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The Pool Table Movers Might do a Better Job

If your pool table movers suspect that a tip is in their future, they might be more willing to go the extra mile to ensure that your pool table is moved with care. We know, you shouldn’t have to pay extra for that, but it could mean the difference between someone doing a good job, and someone doing a great job.

Here are some ways you can drop hints that a tip is in their future:

  • Make it clear that you’re someone who treats workers well. Place a few bottles of water and maybe a small snack in the area where they are working.
  • Be friendly. If you want to hang around and watch the move happen, then be friendly and maybe ask questions.
  • Tell them. It might be a little awkward to say, “I’ll give you a tip if you do a good job,” but some people do it without any trouble.
  • Ask if tipping is allowed. Some companies don’t allow tipping. At the start of the job, you could ask, “Are you allowed to accept tips?” If they do a terrible job, don’t tip them! If they do an okay job, tip minimally, and if they do a great job, tip well.

This little bit of incentive can help make your pool table move go more smoothly, so it is worth it!

Tipping is Greatly Appreciated by Pool Table Movers

Having a pool table moved isn’t exactly cheap. You make out because your pool table gets moved, and the company that you hire makes out because you pay them.

The people actually doing the work of moving it aren’t the ones making out in this deal, unless you hired a small company where the owner and the mover is the same person.

Pool table movers aren’t usually full-time employees of the company. They are paid for a day’s work, and that’s about it. No benefits, no sick days, no health insurance. If there’s no work for them, they don’t get paid. Even if they are full-time employees, they aren’t likely paid that well.

So your tip is greatly appreciated!

Moving a Pool Table is Hard

Pool table movers put in a lot of hard work to move a pool table from point A to point B. Moving a pool table usually involves:

  • Heavy lifting
  • Disassembly
  • Reassembly
  • Leveling
  • Carrying heavy things up and down steps.
  • In-depth knowledge about pool tables
  • Potentially moving trucks and packing up components

It isn’t all that easy, which is why you hired someone to do it for you in the first place, right? Tipping allows you to show your appreciation for the work that went into moving the table.

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How Much Should You Tip a Pool Table Mover?

You should tip what you feel comfortable tipping for a day’s work. Most people feel comfortable tipping $20 per worker involved in the move. If moving your pool table requires extra work like going up and downstairs, then you might want to tip a bit more.  If the job is easy, then you might want to tip less.

The amount is really up to you, what works with your financial situation, and the job the pool table mover is doing.


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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