Playing Pool with Glasses or Contacts — Which is Better?

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Playing pool is a pastime that anyone can enjoy, even those with vision impairments. But, if you use prescription lenses, you may wonder if it’s better to play pool while wearing your glasses or contacts.

Generally, it is best to wear contacts while playing pool. Wearing glasses can hinder pool players, as they can easily fall off or fog up. However, there are ways glasses can be modified to benefit the wearer, and some companies manufacture glasses specifically for playing billiards.

Whether you prefer glasses or contacts, there are suitable options for you while playing billiards. Keep reading to learn which of these two options is best for you while playing pool!

Are Glasses or Contacts Better While Playing Pool?

When deciding between wearing contacts or glasses to play pool, one must consider their own personal limitations and preferences.

Those who have trouble with conditions like dry or drooping eyes may have a more pleasant experience playing with glasses designed for billiards. If you don’t experience these types of issues, you may play better while wearing contacts.

Why Are Contacts Better for Playing Pool?

There are a few reasons why contacts triumph over glasses in sports like billiards, ranging from better vision overall and being less likely to move around.

The table below shows how glasses and contacts compare in sports.

Benefit Glasses Contacts
Field of View Limited. The frame can block your field of view. Unlimited.
Lens Clarity


Limited. Glasses are subject to debris, fog, and more. Somewhat limited. While debris can affect contact lenses, it’s much less common.
Visual Acuity Less. The lenses sit further from your eyes, which can negatively impact acuity. More. The lenses sit directly on your eyes, improving visual acuity.
Flexibility Less. You must ensure your glasses don’t fall off as you move around to get the right angle. More. Your lenses will not fall off, no matter how you move.
Depth Perception Less. This is due to more space between your eyes and the lenses. More. There is no discrepancy between your immediate field of vision and your long-range field of vision.


From observing the table above, we can see that contact lenses offer numerous benefits to those who play pool.

With a little knowledge about what each option can offer you, you’ll be on your way to playing your best game of pool.

What Are the Best Contact Lenses to Wear for Billiards?

While traditional contact lenses will work fine for playing pool, some more serious players may want a special pair they can use for sporting purposes.

It’s generally best to stick to soft contact lenses when playing sports like billiards. These come with a much lower risk of becoming dislodged than hard lenses. Soft lenses give your eyes more stability and move around less in your eyes.

One popular option is GP lenses. These contact lenses are specifically designed for sports and allow more oxygen to reach the cornea.

GP lenses are designed to stay clean and resist debris and contaminants, such as dirt, sweat, and dust.

They also allow your eyes to stay moist, as they don’t absorb water.

What Are the Best Glasses to Wear for Billiards?

Those interested in wearing glasses over contacts while playing pool have a few options to choose from.

If you want to wear your glasses while playing this sport, you may be interested in the modifications you can make to your glasses to allow for more distance correction.

The easiest way to modify your glasses for playing pool is to simply bend the nose support pieces so your glasses sit closer to your face while the upper rim is flush with your eyebrows.

There are also places you can purchase glasses that are made specifically for playing pool.

These glasses range in price, depending on add-ons such as anti-glare treatments.

Pool glasses are designed to be comfortable and sit firmly on the face. They also allow a wider field of vision than regular glasses.

Pool eyeglasses usually sit higher on the face than regular glasses, allowing a full view of the pool table.

How to Purchase Billiard Eyeglasses

Before you decide to purchase eyeglasses specially designed for playing the best possible game of pool, there are a few things you need to know.

The best way to get a pair of pool glasses that fit correctly and work efficiently is to request that your eye doctor makes you a pair.

When designing pool glasses, explain what your goal is in purchasing the glasses and have the doctor place the optical centers where you would look during a game of pool.

Billiard Glasses is a great option to check out.

Another option is to order pool glasses online.

Always work with a reputable company, and be sure to provide them with your current eyeglasses prescription.

In Conclusion

Generally, it’s better to wear contacts over glasses when playing pool.

However, if you cannot or don’t like to wear contacts, there are other options.

Most pool players wear specialized pool glasses, which sit higher and more firmly on their faces while playing.

These reduce some of the potential issues that can come with playing pool with glasses on.


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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