McDermott Stinger Break & Jump Cue Review

Do you ever wish you had a break cue that would elevate your break shot?

Breaking in pool is extremely vital because it will decide whether or not you will get to shoot next. In some games (8-ball or 9-ball), making a specific ball on the break could mean you instantly win the game (Here is a link to my post if you need advice on how to improve your breaks)! You can already tell that taking your break seriously is a good approach and it makes sense why pro’s specifically practiced this over and over again.

I have looked online at several different websites (including Amazon, PoolDawg, and other sites) and reviews to give you honest feedback from real owners of the McDermott Stinger Break/Jump cue (Link to Amazon for the price). I have owned this break cue personally for over a year so I can without a doubt tell you the ins and outs of this break cue.

Patented Tip + Ferrule Technology

The tip has what McDermott refers to as a “Stinger” stem which is inside the center of the ferrule. When you break with this tip on impact, the energy of the hit goes to the center of the tip and into the stinger stem. This then translates the impact directly to the middle of the shaft which results in an effective break.

Huge Sweet Spot

The surface area on this tip is massive! The huge sweet spot on the tip has a large surface so it increases your chance of hitting the cue ball even if you slip up a little bit. This also helps you transfer more energy and power into your break.

  • Jump with ease
  • Powerful Breaks
  • Shoot more precise
  • Control in your shot

Smooth and Solid

This break cue has personally been just a really great overall product. It is still smooth til this day. After you break, the sound and impact is a rewarding result. I have had no issues with it so far.

Sweet Design

I’m a big fan of the design on this cue too. A close up of the design is pleasing to the eye without a doubt.


  • Tip: 13.25 mm Phenolic
  • Ferrule: 1/2″ Ivorene-3 fiber linen
  • Shaft: 29″ 29″ Stinger Break/ Jump Shaft
  • Collar: None
  • Pin: 3/8×10
  • Piloted: No
  • Forearm: Maple with four Rosewood and cream colored points, quick-release joint for jump cue
  • Rings: None
  • Wrap: None
  • Sleeve: Rosewood
  • Plate: Cream with McDermott logo
  • Bumper: Black rubber
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Weight Adjustable: Yes, with the McDermott Weight Bolt

The Phenolic Tip

The phenolic tip is 13.55 mm and it can throw some people off. Most people are used to breaking with a leather tip so this may take some getting used to. I know that when I first started using it, the sound is what threw me off the most. It will sound weird at first and if you can get over the sound – it’s a wonderful break cue to own.



One of the huge benefits of the McDermott Stinger Break & Jump Cue is that it’s also a Jump Cue too! I’m a firm believer in carrying only what is necessary so this 2 in 1 package is a great deal in my eyes. When you break the Stinger down, it breaks into 3 separate peices. If you leave the first 2 peices attached, it can serve as a Jump Cue. If you leave all 3 pieces connected, it is a standard break cue.

Sizing Up The Competition

Without a doubt, there are numerous selections of break cues out there and I will recommend a few others. The Stinger break cue is a sweet multi-purpose cue because it has a built-in jump cue you can screw off. Predator has always been a fan favorite of mine because of their amazing quality and design work.

  • Elite ELBKRS Break Cue (Link to Amazon for accurate pricing)
  • Predator BK3 Break Cue on sale (PoolDawg Link)

All 3 of these are great break cues with different price ranges so it should give you guys enough options and different price points to find the perfect break cue.


I have owned and used the McDermott Stinger Break/Jump cue as my primary break cue for over a year. As soon as it shipped and I received it, I could tell right away what a beautiful and high-quality product this was. I got the 18oz because I don’t prefer heavy cues in general but, even with the lighter weight it still provided a great umph of a break. You could hear the difference in sound with the phenolic tip that it was generating extra strength to really spread the balls.

I have met high skilled players who  I respect tremendously who also own the same McDermott Stinger Break / Jump cue and they agree that this cue is amazing. The fact that skill level 7’s (Highest you can reach in APA) prefer this break cue, gives the Stinger well above enough credibility. 100% recommend to anyone who is looking for a solid 10/10 break cue.

Other owners who have said how it feels great breaking the rack and it makes jump shots feel almost effortless. It is a very well made and balance cue and a great value for the price. They also mentioned this was the perfect weight if you prefer a lighter break/jump combo with control.

Tip: Install a Samsara Hard Leather Tip instead of the phenolic, it will provide a lot more control.


I hope that this product review has helped you in making your purchase for a break cue. The biggest downside I can see from the Stinger is that it does have a phenolic tip and it will take getting used to. The alternative is you can have the tip replaced with another tip like the Samsara hard leather tip. Besides that, this is an outstanding break cue and I give it 5 stars out of 5 stars. I will be receiving a commission if you use this link (to the Stinger on sale at PoolDawgs site) so thank you to anyone who uses it. Thank you for reading and feel free to drop a comment or question below.


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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