How to Get the Smell of Smoke Out of Pool Table?

Smoking and Pool sort of go hand in hand so if your table reeks of smoke or you purchased a used table, you may want to get rid of the odor. Your bar could be changing to a non-smoking establishment too. No worries, there are ways to get rid of that smoke smell.

How to get the smell of smoke out of a pool table?

  1. Replace the Felt if budget allows
  2. Start by brushing the table and clearing off any ashes
  3. Next, vacuum the felt for everything else
  4. Spray an Air Sanitizer (Like Ozium)

We recommend taking apart the table when you are vacuuming it so you can get everything out of the rails. If you want a sure way of getting rid of the smoke odor, you are better off spending the extra money to replace the felt with something like Championship Felt or Simonis Felt if you can afford it. Either way, pick up an Air Sanitizer like the Ozium which eliminated strong odors.

Removing the Smoke Odor From a Pool Table

Here are the two steps for getting rid of that smokey smell from the felt. Again, we recommend replacing the felt entirely if you can afford it, but if not, these steps should work. Do not use baking soda on the felt. It can get stuck in there and it will be tough to remove.

1. Start by Brushing the Table

By brushing the entire table, you can collect the ashes in a corner, which consists of tiniest ash particles. These are the culprits that produce the odor.

Bring Pool Table Brush

Don’t ever try to brush your table with regular brush. They might damage the surface of your felt. You can find plenty of brushes made specifically for cleaning and maintaining a pool table. They have soft bristles that don’t harm your felt surface.

You can purchase these suitable brushes at a pool table supply store or recreation stores. Make sure you brush your table at least once a week.  You can also choose an amazing A13-F wooden billiard table brush to clean every part of your pool table.

Brush Your Table with Straight Strokes

If you brush the pool table just like you brush other things, it can rip the surface. Every time you brush your delicate pool table, do it with quick and short forward strokes.

Moreover, don’t brush with circulation motions. Brushing this way will surely remove the dirt on the cloth, but it damages the felt. Also, brush it with a light hand as opposed to hard scrubbing strokes.

Brush in the Center of Table

Select your angle, and start brushing in the center. Take the dirt outward toward the edges of the pool table while brushing. Brush the debris into small piles or lines. Once you do that, you can vacuum each pile later.

Once you are done with the first brushing and vacuuming exercise, start brushing the table again in the same way, from one end to the other. This way, you can clean up any debris left on the pool table felt.

Note: Don’t brush the lines of debris in such a way that it gets under the bumpers. If ashes get into these places, it will be hard to vacuum them. So, make the lines a few inches away from the boundaries of the table.

2. Vacuum the Pool Table

By vacuuming the debris, which produces the smoke smell, other parts of the table also get clean. For example, a vacuum can suck the ashes and butts hiding somewhere under the table.

Vacuum the Debris Lines

Vacuum the table with a standard vacuum or handled vacuum with a hose attachment. Don’t use a vacuum brush tool attachment because it can be stiff. You can use the nozzle attachment to clean under the bumpers. Moreover, carefully vacuum under the bumpers where debris and dust easily hide in bulk.

Use a Vacuum on the Entire Table

For vacuuming the entire table, attach the vacuum end with the wide rectangular tool. Start vacuuming from one end of the table to the other in long strips. Don’t ever run it in a circular motion, and do it lightly rather than applying pressure on the felt. Make sure you clean as much dust as you can.

Note: use the vacuum on a low level. If your vacuum uses high sucking power to remove dust, it can pull out fibers of the felt. In case you don’t have a choice, don’t put your high power vacuum directly on the surface. This way, you can reduce the pulling force of the machine.

You can also purchase the Kenmore vacuum and take advantage of its multiple tools.

3. Spray the Table Down

This is where you’ll really notice a difference. Pick up a deodorizer spray which eliminates bad odors like smoke. You can also spray the area where your table is positioned. An air purifier is also a good option. This way you can reduce the smoke smell in the room and keep your pool table felt clean.

You can also purchase a zep smoke odor eliminator to reduce the odor from the pool table.

Prevention Measures for Smoke Odor

If in the first place, you take some precautions, you can easily reduce the chance of getting that smoke smell in your felt.

Cover the Felt

Covering the felt when you are not using it can help. The pool table felt to attract smells, dust, and other things towards it. If you cover it, especially if you have placed it where people smoke, cover every inch of it. This way, there are fewer chances of getting your felt smelling like smoke.

Pool table felt covers are easily available in stores. You can use them, or you can cover it with a cloth, clean sheet, tarp, or even a blanket.

Stop Smoking Near the Table

It is better to take preventative measures than clean or purchase a new one. Don’t allow cigarettes near the table or even in the room. The butts and ashes usually fall on the table from which your table gets a smokey smell.

Even if you want to smoke while playing, smoke while keeping some distance from the table and keep the ashes and bits away from the pool table.


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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