How Do You Remove Chalk Marks from Pool Table Felt?

While chalk marks on your pool table might not be a huge problem from a practical standpoint, they are annoying, and they make your pool table look beat up. Thankfully, they are easy to remove with a few simple tools.

So how do you remove chalk marks from pool table felt? The best way to remove chalk marks from a pool table is to use a pool table cleaner. These cleaners lift the chalk out of the bed of the table. You can also use a brush to remove chalk marks.

If you aren’t sure how to use a brush or the spray, don’t stress it. In this post, we have everything you need to know about removing chalk from your pool table felt.

How to Remove Chalk Marks from Pool Table Felt

Chalk marks on a pool table have been a problem since the advent of pool table chalk. There’s no getting around them, but you can clean them and get your pool table looking like brand new with little effort.

To clean the chalk marks away, you have two options: a pool table cleaner or a pool table brush. Let’s take a look at both these options so you can decide which is best for you.

Pool Table Cleaner

Pool table cleaner is always going to be your best bet when it comes to removing chalk marks. Here’s what makes it great:

  • It’s easy to use.
  • It doesn’t take a lot of time.
  • It’s fairly inexpensive.
  • It doesn’t damage or fade felt.
  • It lifts the chalk away.

To use pool table cleaner, all you have to do is spray it one, wait for a minute, and wipe it away. When you’re finished, the pool table will be looking as good as new, and those chalk marks will be gone.

We recommend David Hodges’ Quick-Clean Table Cleaner.

Pool Table Brushes

Pool table brushes have been used for a very long time to clean the chalk (and other debris) off of pool tables. While these brushes are fairly gentle, they can still cause some wear on the table, and they don’t remove the chalk. Instead, they push it down into the felt.

Here’s how to use a pool table brush:

  • Brush off the bumper rails first.
  • Start at the head of the table and brush straight toward the foot. Do not use circular motions.
  • Carefully sweep the dust onto a piece of cardboard or paper.
  • Make two passes to ensure a thorough clean.

There are three different style brushes you can choose from:

  • Horsehair brushes: These brushes, like the Sterling Gaming Hairhair Pool Table Brush, are the traditional method of cleaning dust, chalk, and debris off pool table felt. They are gentle on the felt yet effective.
  • Nylon brushes: Nylon brushes like this 8” Pool Table Brush are typically cheaper than the horsehair brush, but they don’t have the same quality feel as a horsehair brush.
  • Microfiber brushes: Much less popular is the microfiber brush, but this is simply because it hasn’t caught on yet. Microfiber brushes, like Quick Clean Table Cleaning Brush, can work well, and they are better at picking up dust and chalk than the other options. They are also exceedingly gentle.

For removing other stubborn stains, see our must-read post like how to get beer stains off your table.

Can You Use a Vacuum on a Pool Table?

People have varying different opinions about whether a vacuum should be used on a pool table. We say, if you can avoid it, you should avoid it, and you should never run the vacuum across the table like it were a rug.

A hose with a soft-bristled brush can be used on the felt, but this is somewhat risky. The suction from the vacuum tug at the felt and cause damage. So it is best not to use it if you can avoid it. For more information about using a vacuum on a pool table, you should check out our post Can You Vacuum a Pool Table?

In Summary

Your best bet for removing chalk marks from a pool table is to use a pool table cleaner, but you can also opt for the more traditional horsehair brush. It is really up to you!


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