Brunswick Pool Table Review (Comparison, Cost, Table Life, and More)

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Brunswick pool tables boast a rich history of almost two centuries. Those familiar with billiards have likely heard this name before, but are these pool tables worth it?

Brunswick pool tables are an excellent option. These tables are high-quality and promise a long lifespan, and they have a deep history that has kept them at the top of billiards discussions for over 170 years.

Below, we’ll highlight a full review of Brunswick pool tables. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

Are Brunswick Pool Tables Good?

Finding the right piece is essential if you are in the market for a pool table. 

Those who are particular about their billiards experience spend much of their time as potential buyers scoping out the best table options.

Brunswick pool tables are very high-quality, which is one of the main reasons Brunswick is so popular in the billiards world. Brunswick took America by storm long ago and continues to provide products to customers worldwide. 

Brunswick pool tables are built to last and manufactured with the customers at the forefront of the conversation.

Are All Brunswick Pool Tables Slate?

One of the staples of the quality of Brunswick pool tables is their slate surfaces. 

Brunswick offers one-inch slate surfaces for all their pool tables. Most tables are equipped with three-piece slate, while some are only two-piece. Brunswick slate machines level the slate as precisely as ten-thousandths of an inch, making gameplay as accurate as possible.

One of Brunswick’s main goals is to adhere to their customers’ billiard preferences, so they also offer many customization options. 

Brunswick Customization Options

When looking at the wide variety of Brunswick pool table options, you might be pleasantly surprised to find how easy it is to personalize your table to your preferences.

Brunswick pool tables come with several customization options, including:

  • Cloth type
  • Cloth color
  • Legs
  • Finish

Among others, these customizations allow you to align your billiards experience exactly how you want.

How Does Brunswick Compare to Competitors?

It is all too easy to give Brunswick credit for being the successful company it is without comparing the features of their products to those of competitors.

Brunswick is certainly not the only billiards producer, and the others pride themselves on similar qualities.

A few of Brunswick’s biggest competitors include:

  • Olhausen
  • Diamond Billiard Products
  • Presidential Billiards

While Brunswick does stand out among many billiards product manufacturers, choosing a pool table is a big decision.

Below, we’ll discuss how Brunswick compares to competitors in several areas. 


Brunswick’s pool tables can be expensive, but they still have more affordable options than some other brands. 

Most Olhausen tables are priced for those looking to spend a hefty sum, and Diamond Billiard Products can also be on the expensive side. 

On the other hand, Presidential Billiards makes tables priced similarly to Brunswick.


One downside to Brunswick is that their pool tables are sometimes shipped from a different country. Other brands can use this to their advantage by promoting U.S. shipping.

From the customer’s side, shipping a pool table from the same country they live in is better because it lessens the chance of damage to such a luxurious item during transportation.

However, damages during shipping are uncommon. This helps explain why Brunswick can reach an international audience.

Table Life

Brunswick tables are built to last as long as any of their competitors. A good pool table can last 25+ years, and Brunswick pool tables hold to their quality.

Brunswick pool tables come with a lifetime warranty, showing that Brunswick is confident in their products and truly cares about providing customers with the best experience possible.


Brunswick tables focus on the recreational side of billiards, as most pool table manufacturers do. 

However, there are outliers.

For instance, Diamond Billiard Products stresses the use of their pool tables for professional use, which takes away a large advertisement factor for recreational use.

Why are Brunswick Tables Popular?

Aside from the quality of Brunswick pool tables, the massive billiards producer does a fantastic job of showing how good a company it is.

Brunswick is a name that anyone who knows anything about billiards has heard, and their popularity continues to flourish.

Brunswick Stands the Test of Time

As mentioned, Brunswick has been around for over 170 years. They have proved time and again that they are reliable enough to satisfy their customers.

When people learn of the legacy Brunswick has created for billiards, they are more inclined to include Brunswick pool tables in their recreational billiards search.

Brunswick’s Marketing and Selling Points

Brunswick helped establish the standard of billiards and the environment that surrounds recreational pool playing. 

They are continuously emphasizing their efforts to adapt and perfect their products.

Adaptability and creativity are two of Brunswick’s most significant values. Brunswick appeals to the customer and has shown flourishment in international outreach.

40% of Brunswick’s business happens internationally, and they say that 100% of sales are directed towards improving an individual’s experience with recreation and sport.

Final Thoughts

Brunswick pool tables are popular for a reason. They are some of the highest quality billiards tables available. 

Brunswick services customers internationally and has a rich history to back up their relevance.

Brunswick is certainly a good place to start your search if you are in the market for a pool table.


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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