Top 15 Best Pool Table Balls (The Cheap, Expensive, and More)

Are you searching for the perfect Billiard Ball Set?

I know when I first got my pool table I wanted to get the best billiard ball set available. Then I saw the prices and my jaw dropped. Thankfully, there are price points that will fit most people’s needs.

What’s the best pool table ball set? Most Billiard Ball Sets are separated into 3 categories; Budget, Expensive, and Creative sets. The overall best choice is the Aramith Premium Set.

It’s not too cheap or too expensive. It’s right in the middle and it’s made by world-renowned billiard ball company Aramith.

If the premium set is out of your budget, that’s okay. Nearly all pool ball sets will work satisfactorily for the casual shooters.

Here are the other 15 Pool Ball sets I would recommend where you can’t go wrong.

Highest QualityBudget SetCreative Designs
Super Aramith Tv Pro-Cup Set
Empire USA Deluxe
Iszy Marble Swirl

Diamond Billiard - Cyclop TV Set
Iszy Pool Table Ball Set

American Challenge Soccer Ball Set

Brunswick Centennial

Viper Billiard Master Set

Imperial NFL Ball Set (Any team you want)

Aramith Crown Standard Set

Felson Billiard Supply Set

Empire USA - Glow in the Dark

Aramith Tournament

Billiard Depot Set

Iszy - Dark Color Marble Swirl


Billiard balls are normally made of phenolic resin or polyester resin.

  • Phenolic Resin is an Aramith (#1 Billiard Ball Company) trademark material. These are tough, difficult to scratch and are high quality.
  • Polyester Resin almost never loses shape and are super resistant to overheating. The affordable billiard sets are usually made of this material.


A huge factor in this purchase for many people will come down to how the balls look. The way billiard balls look will have an effect on a player and customer who wants to purchase a set.

Sometimes certain balls will change colors depending on which set you buy, for example, the Cyclops TV Set has a Light Blye 7-ball or the Aramith TV Set has a Pink 4-ball instead of the color Purple.

Manufacturers produce balls in a variety of different colors to the standard. When it boils down to it, choose what makes you happy visually while still retaining the best quality.

The Absolute Best Billiard Company – Aramith

The number 1 brand of billiard balls is hands down is Aramith.

They have been around for several decades and have a legendary reputation for high quality. Over 75% of players WORLDWIDE use Aramith billiard balls. Aramith is made by Saluc in Belgium and has consistently given players reliable performance and endurance.

If you purchase any set of balls from Aramith – you cannot go wrong. Ask 100 pool players if they have heard of Aramith and a high percentage of them will say Yes. It’s like asking if a Truck driver has ever heard of a Ford. They have heard of it.

The other two brands that stand out and give Aramith a run for their money is Brunswick and Diamond Billiard (who sells Cyclops). Purchasing a set from either of these companies and you will not regret it.

I have always been a fan of Diamond Billiard because of how classy and minimalistic the design of their pool tables are.

Personal Choice

If I had to choose 4 other sets from the Aramith Premium, I would pick the Aramith Super Pro, Brunswick Centennial, Cyclop TV set or the Iszy Billiard Ball Set.

Aramith Super Pro-Cup TV Set

To state the obvious again, Aramith is the king of billiard ball sets. They have been killing it and I am in love with this color scheme. The Aramith Pro-Cup TV Set are beautiful and owners boast of the quality of the balls. They are a tad on the pricey side but if I had the money, these would be my first choice.

Brunswick Centennial

I have lost track of how many people I have read how amazing these balls are. People have mentioned owning several other sets and the Brunswick Centennial tops all of them. Thread after thread, people can’t help but scream out how Centennial is the choice of balls.

The design of these balls is very modern, clean and simple. I love the minimalism and simplicity of the art and its hard to pass on what Brunswick has come out with.

Action 2.125 Snooker Ball Set

The Snooker set is another one that I personally love because of the different colors of the balls really shine. It comes out with a more shades of red that give it personality.

Reviewers have mentioned how these balls are resistant to picking up debris with is a huge deal. Other people who own the Aramith Snooker Set have said how fast the delivery was on this purchase too.

Iszy Billiard Ball Set

Iszy has a variety of billiard products that are all reasonably priced while still retaining good quality. These are great for those buyers who do not want to spend a ton of money.

The classic Iszy Billiard Ball Set is also great for those who just want to bang around some balls or replacing a set of balls for a pool table in a bar or restaurant.


At the end of the day, you just need a set of quality balls that will get the job done and hold up for years to come. Regardless if you choose the cheapest or highest set of billiard balls – most people will be happy with either choice.

I hope this post helps you choose the best billiard ball set and thank you for reading!


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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