Are Screw On Cue Tips Worth It? (Better Alternatives)

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Whether you play pool casually for fun with family or friends or want to play professionally, your performance largely depends on the cue tip. With the different options available, it is essential to understand which is the better choice: screw-on or fixed cue tips.

Screw-on cue tips are not worth it because they are not durable. They come loose and affect the control and accuracy of shots. Although they are cheaper, they do not give a nice sound, and the threads on the tip and ferrule wear out quickly.

Whether you choose a glue-on or screw-on tip, you will need to replace them after a while. Read on to learn about screw-on cues tips and if they are worth investing in.

Are Screw On Cue Tips a Good Choice?

Screw-on cue tips are largely used commercially for beginners and casual players. However, they have a reputation for playing badly. So why are they still so common?

They Are Cheap

Although the average cost of both screw-on and glue-on tips is almost the same, the cues have a significant price difference.

You can find a screw-on cue tip for $, while glue-on cue tips can cost anywhere from $-$$.


It is easier and faster to replace a screw-on tip than a fixed cue tip; you screw off the old tip and screw on a new one. 

On the other hand, you must glue on a glue-on tip, wait for it to dry, and shape the tip to ensure the leather is evenly distributed.

They Are Great for Beginner and Casual Players

If you don’t spend much time playing pool and enjoy it to wind down, screw-on tips are the ideal choice. 

They do not give accurate and quality shots, which is not the main concern if you’re playing for fun.

Why would you spend all that money on a glue-on cue tip and the time to fix it to your cue stick if you’re not playing seriously?

Are Glue-On Cue Tips Better Than Screw-On Tips?

When choosing a pool cue, a glue-in tip is the better option. Although professionals mainly prefer them, they are also a great long-term investment for casual players. 

You should consider these advantages of glue-on cue tips over screw-on tips.

They Give Superior Control

Glued-on tips are more solid and stable, allowing you to accurately control your shot and hit the ball. The connection between the tip and the ferrule is secure, and you use less energy to hit the ball.

On the other hand, you get a less powerful and accurate shot with screw-in tips because you cannot securely fit it to the cue. 

While you may not notice a significant difference at first, the movement becomes greater over time, resulting in poorer performance.

More Durable

You need to replace your cue tips when they get worn out, less than 1 mm thick, and become flat. If you play regularly, you must replace them every six to twelve months to maintain control and accuracy.

Since you can cleanly remove the glued-on cue tip, the ferrule is not damaged and lasts longer. 

In contrast, when changing screw-in tips, friction between the tip and ferrule weakens the cue, diminishing the quality. Additionally, you need to replace the ferrule faster since the screw weakens the tread, which is more costly.


Consistently accurate shots are essential when you are aiming to win. The quality of the cue and tip is the key to a well-controlled shot. The glued-on tip results in a solid piece ensuring a seamless energy transfer for a long time. 

In addition, screw-on tips constantly rip the ferrule threads, weakening the connection. Consequently, the precision gets worse over time.

Can I Change the Cue from a Screw-On to a Glue-On Tip?

If you have a screw-on cue, you can change it to a glue-on tip by replacing the ferrule. 

You can get a professional to change the tip without damaging the cue. However, it costs up to $50, and it may be better to buy a new cue than risk damaging it.

Why Should I Buy a Multi-Piece Cue?

A one-piece cue is solid and produces quality hits since there are no joints which can be ill-fitting and cause loss of power. However, one-piece cues are cumbersome to carry and best suited for casual players and home setups.

You should invest in standard two-piece cues to stay on top of your game. The best custom pool cues have a securely joined shaft and butt, which is convenient to carry and gives accurate hits.

In Conclusion

While screw-on cue tips do the job, you do not get quality or accuracy when playing. If you are serious about honing your skills or playing professionally, two-piece cues with glued-on tips are the better choice. 

Additionally, investing in a two-piece cue is better in the long run.


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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