5 Best Pool Tables on Amazon That Are Worth It

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If you are anything like me, you have probably daydreamed about buying your own pool table. Unfortunately, many options out there for the casual player are less than exemplary. I have found it difficult to know what tables are actually decent for their price point.

When it comes to buying a pool table, it is important to remember that you will typically get what you pay for. Pool tables are specialized equipment, so higher quality equipment will lead to higher quality of play.

However, we know not everybody wants to pay for and install a professional billiards arena in their living room. If you are interested in buying a pool table perfect for casual play at home, then this list is perfect for you.

Below is a collection of reasonably priced tables easily purchased off Amazon that will provide great fun to your family and friends. Before you dive in, remember that anyone shopping for a pool table should keep an eye out for some key characteristics.

  • Is the pool table level? Most pool tables will need to be assembled, so make sure you level it correctly. Try to avoid tables that have foldable legs; they are typically difficult to maintain a stable playing surface on.
  • What material is the surface of the pool table made of? Slate is considered the best material, but there are plenty of tables with synthetic alternatives that also play well.
  • What material are the rails? You will want decent wood and rubber when it comes to rails on your pool table. K66 rubber is a common commercially used rubber that provides good action and speed off the rail.
  • What kind of felt is used? In general, there are two types of felt weaves for pool tables: napped and worsted. Napped cloth is the standard cloth that comes with most tables. Worsted is more expensive, but offers more professional grade action.

Harvil Beachcomber Indoor Pool Table

The first table on our list is the Harvil Beachcomber Indoor Pool Table. The Harvil Beachcomber is 84 inches in length, 48 inches in width, and 31 inches high. The playing surface is constructed from a dense fiber wood and is covered by a smooth Tetolon cloth.

The table weighs about 230 pounds, so be sure to tackle assembling and moving with a couple of friends. This table comes with the normal fifteen object balls, cue ball, plastic triangle rack, chalk, and two house cues.

The Harvil Beachcomber comes with a 1-year warranty and a guarantee to replace any table that arrives damaged. Through the 1-year warranty, any broken or defective piece is replaced at no cost to the purchaser.

While not recommended for commercial use, this table will be perfect for in home use with friends and family. The most common complaint from purchasing this table is the quality of the cue sticks. You might consider purchasing better quality house cues, but otherwise the table performs as advertised.

You can check out the Harvil Beachcomber at Amazon at this link

Mizerak Dakota 8′ Slate Billiard Table

The Mizerak Dakota is a classic, sleek table design with pedestal style legs and levelers. The rails use k66 rubber, which offers decent action and bounce back. The table comes with balls, triangle, chalk, brush and two cues.

This model does come fitted with a ball return system, so no more hunting for missing balls around the table when trying to rack.

The most important feature of the Mizerack Dakota is that it comes with slate instead of MDF or Slatron. Slate is the rock base upon which the game is played, and offers much smoother action than its synthetic alternatives. Slatron will typically be lighter and cheaper, but will not play at the same level as actual slate.

This model is one of the cheaper slate tables, but offers good play for the price. Check it out on Amazon at this link.

Hathaway Hustler 7’-8’ Pool Table

The Hathaway Hustler is a blue felted table with internal ball return and comes with all the essentials to play, including balls, triangle rack, chalk, brush, and two cues. The dimensions of the table are 87 inches in length, 48 inches in width, and 32 inches high.

The surface of the table is an MDF, or medium-density fibreboard, and is covered in a wool/polyester blend. Combined with rails made from k66 gum rubber, the surface and felt provide smooth fast action and accurate banking.

The Hathaway Hustler exudes a sophisticated aesthetic, with clean black rails and silver finishes around the pockets. This table is a great addition to any game room or den area. This model is slightly more expensive than some other tables, but provides better, longer-lasting play than cheaper alternatives.

One of the few issues that may plague this model is consistent, long-term leveling. Be sure to check the table periodically after assembly to monitor how the table is settling and whether it stays level.

Visit this link and give the Hathaway Hustler a look to see if it is right for your home.

Barrington Claremont Slate Billiard Table

The most expensive item on this list, the Barrington Claremont Slate Billiard Table provides extremely high quality of play and materials. Fitted with leather drop pockets and Queen Anne style legs, this table will be a beautiful addition to your home.

The table is made from one inch slate and comes with a 60% wool felt blend for fast action and smooth ball control. The table also comes fitted with high quality solid wood that will last decades.

The downside to purchasing this table is the weight. The table weighs over seven hundred pounds. Due to that fact, I would strongly advise you hire professionals to move and install this table in your home.

However, the slate foundations and k66 specified rails offer excellent play on a table that will last a long time. Click this link to check out the Barrington Claremont.

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5’ Billiard Table

Another table by Mizerak, the Space Saver is the perfect table for the pool player working under space limitations. If you have a smaller space available for a game room, the Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5’ Billiard Table provides good quality play without taking up as much room as a normal seven to eight foot table.

The table’s dimensions are 78 inches in length, 44 inches in width, and 32 inches high.

The Dynasty Space Saver comes with classic green cloth and bamboo laminate around the edges. Cross supports provide structural stability and leg levelers allow for even gameplay. The ball return system means quick and easy game set-up.

The one downside to this table is lower quality felt. The nylon felt works fine if casual billiards play with kids or friends is all that is desired, but do not expect it to be as fast as other tables.

This model is also one of the cheapest on this list. You can find it on Amazon for approximately five hundred dollars, which is several hundred dollars cheaper than most of the others on this list.

That said, the table could be a great compromise if you do not have the room for a full sized table, or if you want to spend as much on a larger table. Find the Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver at this link on Amazon.


Benny is the owner of Supreme Billiards and has been shooting pool and teaching people how to shoot pool for a few years now. He enjoys showing new players techniques and drills to improve their pool game.

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